Aries Sign


Aries, the son of Zeus and Hera, was resembled to his mother according to the mythology. He inherited from her the instinct of conflict and tendency of fighting. He was aggressive and loved violence just for violence. His origins was from Thrace (a space between Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey). In ancient times, there were Barbarian tribes there, they were violent and known for their cruelty and fighting skills. During the Roman period, the most famous gladiators were named after the Thracians (Dr. Martin Rodin, Pantheon of Olympic Gods, 1982). Mars is the roman name of Ares, who was the most important God in Rome. Although in Greek the word Ares got a meaning which is identical to the word polemic (war), It turns out that Ares was better at love missions than in his wars… Ares and Aphrodite were caught making love, trapped and presented to the Olympic Gods … This is an illustration of the principle of astrological polarities, in the structure of complementary opposites of Aries and Libra. Ares and Mars, both Aries, together with Aphrodite – Venus, both Libra, represent the aggression and eroticism, two basic instincts which meet and release the blockings. Over time, the image of Ares became a handsome God, symbolizing masculinity, courage and cleverness. Another example of Mars and the sign of Aries was presented in the German God – Votan. Votan was an elementary nature spirit, belonging to ancient, irrational, intuitive dimension. He was violent, intoxicating, wild and ecstatic. He moved with unrestrained energy, stormy, reckless, free, detached, law-breaking movement and was absent of any obligation. More so, Votan didn’t age, according to the German mythology he wasn’t a God of civilization but was experienced as a forceful nature. He was constantly in motion, like a hunter.

Child and native vitality, orientalism and dance

The lamb lives in the nature with harmony, free from religion, culture, morality and civilization blockings. The lamb may live a lifestyle like an Arab tribe lives in the desert, like Robinson Crusoe or like a proud Indian, perhaps like the Negro who resisted the colonialism in Franz Fanon’s book – Black skin, White Masks (1952). The astrological Aries sign is an ancient creature, a tribal creature with survival instincts, spontaneous and focused on the present dimension of here and now. The animals connected to him are the Wolf and hawk. The painter Matisse once said – the artist must look at the world as a child, otherwise the originality will be lost. The painter Wassily Kandinsky believed that a child expresses an inner world in a direct and powerful way, without the adult’s normative. A nice representation of Aries happened in literature. It took place on 6th of April 1943 with the appearance of a little prince called de Saint-Exupéry. The book addresses the child in us. The part in the book where the engine of the plane in the desert is repaired and the meeting between the child and the pilot is symbolic, finding the inner child hidden in each of us (the Lamb incidentally is also related to machinery and motors). The Little Prince is an Aries protestation against the heavy, repulsive world of Capricorn adults. The protest is by emphasizing the magic of spontaneity and lack of inhibition, or in the language of Exupery – “the things hidden from the eye”. The little prince transforms from one star to another, his Aries message is replacing rationalism with creative imagination. This also happens in the famous film of Steven Spielberg, E.T, when the child reaches his hand. The police and scientists can’t cure the child, even after countless tests and the use of sophisticated equipment. E.T recovers because of the love of the child, he gives him vitality and his heart beats again. The philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau expressed an Aries perception regarding the term “the savage human who is noble” (1754), which appeared in his writings and claimed that the child is literally close to nature. In his book “Emil” (1762), he recommended the children to read “Robinson Crusoe” and learn how to integrate with nature and natural society. Mark Twain perhaps felt the same when he wrote Huckleberry Finn, Hack helps Jim (the Negro) to escape down the Mississippi while denying The white norms of black slavery in America, actually using the image of the white Mrs. Watson. Bilby is an Aries character, with freckles on her face and red hair. She is Rebellious, doesn’t listen to adults in the book of the auther Ledgren (1945), she is brutal, independent and adventurous, she reflects freedom and space of an Aries child which releases himself from cables and restrictions. Aries is given a literary and cinematic expression in James Fenimore Cooper’s works, he describes a noble Indian as “The Last of the Mohicans” in the character of Hockai (played by the actor Danielle Lewis) who took part in the war between the British and French in America in the mid-18th century. Philosophers as Edward Said (Orientalism ,1979) , Franz Fanon (Black skin, white masks 1952) and Joseph Conrad (Heart of the Darkness, 1899) deal with the Aries idea,when Sayid focuses on the polar tension between Aries and Libra of the Aries ‘culture’ towards the ‘other’ person – the Islam, the East and the whole Arab culture. Its reasonable that the western Libra invented the East to perpetuate colonialism. The western Libra needs the oriental Aries, native, primitive, the black oriental human… “in order to be polite…”, “civilized…”, a dialect between the one wearing the “Galabiah” (the Arab tradition clothing) , sitting on a stool, smoking ‘hookah’ and playing backgammon in the market of Marrakech… and between the Libra London mistress on her way to a polite teatime. This resembles a Victorian morality facing the black emptiness. Franz Fannon, The black psychiatrist from Martinique, exaggerates the polar tension of Libra-Aries in his claim that the influence of the white colonialism on the black people is so overwhelming, that the Negro human eventually kills the white human in order to get rid of the white characteristics that penetrated into him… Aries returned to its original identity, Libra, and was eliminated outside and inside. Conrad thinks that the white human is brutal, he uses the black human, like the ivory merchant who winks on his journey down the Congo River, the imperialist human who is oppressing the black human. This is probably how the Mau Mau thought about fighting the English men. The Libric Europe, according to Conrad, is the brutal one here. The basic assumption is the inferiority of Aries dealing with the polar tension, built in the zodiac, as an archetypal model of the human soul (both at the level of the individual and the level of the group). Captain Cook and his sailors were drawn to the exotic Aries girls in Hawaii. When Captain Cook was murdered, the Aries ”noble savage” lost his magic (As the philosopher Rousseau’s expressed), and the beautiful girls probably looked less attractive despite the bare breasts crowned with flowers. Astrology binds body and soul without separation, Aries is represented physically with the head, this is where the Indian scalping motif takes place, the victory over the white man. The Indians probably didn’t hear about René Descartes (Aries…) but with the scalping he wants to emphasize the importance of the body no less than the head… the natives and tribe people mark themselves physically with Burn-in and body marks, engraved inside and cruel rituals which are connected to men’s cruelty of Mars and to the Phallic sexuality. Aries is the sign of dancing, which is connected in the point of view of the Tribes to sexual attraction and Libra polarized romantic response. There are also war dances. Because Aries is physical connected to the head in a package deal, the helmet and hats are also attached. This is, probably, the reason why Elton John (Aries 25.3.1947) allows the naked girl in his famous poem to leave the hat on her head .. So as Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City (25.3.1965) , an Aries women, is known by her love to hats.

Masculinity and aggression, war, sports and victory

The Austrian ethologist, Konrad Lorenz (1989-1903) , emphasizes the Aries instinctive language in humans for aggression which exists both at the individual level and the group level. In an astrological point of view and according to the principle of complementary opposites which is deeply rooted in the zodiac, aggression holds the wish of belonging to something which derives from the compensating Aries sign, this sign is representing the desire to belong. Lorentz claims that a person has a collective fighting instinct and the Aries aggression serves the survival level of the organism and culture. The dimension of Aries couple relationship appears here for a completion to a compensatory polarization because of the competition in nature for pairing and females. The color of Aries in astrology is red, a blood color, the color of effort and struggle. The aggression of males is a survival mechanism that ensures continuity by taking control over females and having many descendants. Sigmund Freud, for example, believed that sexuality and aggression were the two fundamental impulses from which all the rest derives from it. The male special hormone, testosterone, contributes to the Aries aggression. Violence and sexuality are bonded in the archetypal Aries. Altered males that had castration lost more of their aggressiveness and fight less. The testosterone is an action-pushing and acts against sadness and destroys depression. In sports, the winners in competition are found with high levels of this hormone (also in Fans of the winning team). The level of hormone is also high in boys who come from disadvantaged neighborhoods and crime. Aries, the sign with the testosterone hormone, creates a vicious cycle of violence and sex, He pushes towards confrontation but also to hustle financial investments and entanglements of sex Affairs. The man needs an Aries strength of male testosterone energy in order to defeat opponents, defend threats and spread the genes. The Polar tension between Aries and Libra is represented in the history of knights in the middle ages, they fought each other in front of the ladies who were waiting for the winners to gain their love and romance, this is how American high school girls dream of dating a sport superstar or the football captain who won a game. The muscles can be interchanged with money and status as symbols of Aries power. The basic idea of victory is an Aries central and important idea. A well-known sports trainer once said in America : “victory is not the most important thing, it’s the only thing that matters”. Aries wants to win only the first place, second place will be considered a total lost for him. This is probably the reason that this sign brings itself to the army fields where everything is happening, to sports where the fact of winning is unequivocal. The act of victory turns the Aries to God, a military general or a huge football superstar, he is admired and worshiped, God turns accessible, tangible, flesh and bone… victory is a kind of divinity replacement in the psychological point of view. This is also a victory over historical time-line like a football goal in a stadium… the present in its glory without a past or a future… a kind of release from Judaism and Christianity divinity, God is unnecessary, when releasing God there is a release from guilt and taboos. Aries is a sign of freedom, it’s free from time. This is how the young people worship Beckham and Messi. The Mythical Gods are now shown in the form of humans, on the grass. The aggression of mythological/ Astrological Mars isn’t strange on the sports field. This is a new moral act, because sweating is moral… When Mohammad Ali won the boxing match, all the black people in the world and Africa actually won with him. The runner beats his rivals on track but also beats the clock, beating time is also beating the orthodox God (in a conscious form he can’t be expressed that isn’t historical time-line). The connection between Aries, war and sports is seen in the famous movie by the Aries Francis Ford Coppola (7.4.1939) in “Apocalypse Now” (1979). The actor Robert Duvall in the role of Colonel Kilgore, wearing a black cowboy’s hat with symbols of scalp and two swords, loving the smell of Napalm… besides him there is Lans, California’s surf champ, trembling. Kilgore announces: “either we fight or we surf..”, in the middle of a blood scene, pillars of smoke rise from the attacked village in Vietnam, “one day the war will end” he says with an expression of sorrow on his face… where is the Aries sports fighting adrenalin that now gets a maximum expression associated with men’s music inside the helicopters. Fighting is staying young, fighting means being against… fighting is a clear identity. This is what the Admiral Isiroko Yamamoto (4.4.1884), an Aries sign, did when he attacked Pearl Harbor in war world two. As Aries, he started in the sports field, the shapely cheerleaders which represent the Libra polarity of Aries. Military barracks lying above the beds of warriors, as beautiful images of Libra naked women are shown. Even James Bond has a gun in his hand and a beauty duty is on his other side. Love and war are an astrological package, the concept of a beautiful bunny was brought to the world by Hugh Hefner in the playboy magazines, an Aries sign, which was born on 9th of April 1926. Hefner stayed young forever since at age 85 he was surrounded with bunnies in their 20’s living in his Manor house.

The historic Aries, Greece and Sparta

The era of Aries was drawn from 2000 before the Common Era until the year zero. During this time, Greece was the dominant and powerful country, the Greeks expressed the physical-combative dimension of Aries sign, but also the intellectual, study, thought, and intellect side. This is where all the important philosophers came from- Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. The Greeks were the first ones to think philosophical, and the first ones who thought like Aristotle’s logic. The Greeks were also the first Aries ones to think of the idea of democracy (here comes the polarity of the democratic Libra). The archetypal Aries package-deal appeared on the Greek stage, in its full power, as a form of passion, sexuality, power, wars and sports. The Greek world was an Aries one because it was controlled by the Gods and not by the one God. The Greek Aries, somewhat childish, lived without a God, subjected to fate. The Gods are like humans: Zeus seduced women, Aries pursued the seductive Aphrodite. The Greek Aries raised the collective and childish unconscious the powerful, competitive characters which dealt with fighting and desires, they certainly didn’t serve as judges in the heavenly court as givers of rewards or punishments like the Jewish-Christian one. The Greek Aries is extrovert and cruel. The emphasis on sports is reflected in the Olympic competitions and stadiums. Even the original name “Gymnasia” in Greece means nude – in Greece they exercised naked. The word “athlete” comes from the ancient Greek word which reminds us that someone who’s fighting is doing it in order to win a prize. The sports competitions were top importance, the single girls competed in running competitions dressed with tunics and exposing cultivated right breast, like Janet Jackson in the memorable Super Bowl game… The polarity package deal of Aries appeared on the Greek stage in full force in the form of passions, sexuality, power, wars and sport. The patch of being controlled by Gods and not by one God, the Greek lamb, childish O God, living without God, subject to Moira -which is fate, the gods are like human beings. The Eliade embodies the ideal Aries perfect hero in the stories about Agamemnon, Achilles and Hector. Through the entire story, the importance is on power, strength, competition and victory. The Greek world emphasized the physical and nudity, the male emphasis of Aries was expressed not only in sports and war, but also in the perception of the Greek sexuality – with an emphasis on homosexuality and on sexual relations with young boys. A social institution, which functioned as part of an elitist ethos, the homosexual love for men was an accepted Aries norm in the group of competitive mars fighters. The image of Apollo, the naked man that was expressed in Kouros, his body symbolized the young love that is referred to heroism and war. The Kouros expressed the love that the Greeks had for the men’s body (Ben Ami Scharfstein, “The Universal Nature of Art”, 1989). All the naked Greek characters of Aries were originates in “Kouros”. At the Plato banquet, the same meeting that took place at 416 before the common era, was in Eros, it was about love and sexual desire caused by the tension between Aries and Libra. The Justification of the polarity of Aries was difficult for a man in love, to throw away his sword and show defeat or weakness to his lover. According to the feast, Aeschylus describes the relationship of Achilles with Petroclus as a loving couple. The Aries warrior had reached his best peak at Sparta, at a young age he was strictly educated and tested in endurance tests, physically and mentally. The Sparta’s mood was “being a warrior, or nothing at all”, Sparta was an Aries place since she had no place for defeatism or weakness but only survival and fortitude. In Thermofily 300 Spartan warriors fought till their death, with the leadership of Leonidas against thousands of Persians warriors from the army of Xerxes. this Aries event was a symbol of courage and an Aries polarity determination of the military in the history of the west.

The Germany Reich, Aries in the Twentieth century

The characteristics of fighting, exclusivity and supremacy is identified in the Nazi exclamation “Deutschland Uber Ales” (Germany is above all the others), being the highest is when everyone is under you… the military German tactic of Hitler and his generals was called “Blitzkrieg”, which means a war of flash message. Hitler was influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche’s way of thinking regarding the super-man, it was expressed in the yellow Nordic Viking animal and his hero – Zaratustra. This philosophy believes in the motif of – strong will for power, it contributed to the idea of superiority of the Aryan race in the German Aries during war world two. Professor Shlomo Shoham (Walahala Gulgata Auschwitz 1992) discusses the Mythology takover over the Reich criminals. The “Gods” – Odin, Thor and Votan , came from Asgard, their place of residency, in order to destroy the past and build a present of fortitude. Hitler believed that he is a reincarnation of Odin.. filled with hate for Judaism, despises the idea of ritual circumcision which he saw as a castration and an insult to the phallic Aries and his Aryan physical completion. This is a damage to mens erection, the Judaism castrates in the name of God. That’s the reason it has a lack of vitality. Odin, the God of war, sends the Valkyries to bring the dead people to a life of eternity in heaven of Nordic warriors In “Walahala”. The eugenics was carried out at the ‘breeding farm’, with the SS officers and blond women, all for the benefit of the Reich, that will continue a thousand years. The head of the Aries sign (the physical area of Aries is the head) is expressed, even today, by the neo-Nazi razor skulls and the urban violence, which is represented by the young guys fighting against strange people. For Hitler, One of Aries characteristic was the youth brigades – the young boy was a motif of vivaciousness and renewal. The German Aries replaced Jesus in Faust and chose Goethe’s devil. Faust and Goethe gave expression to the German’s collective unconscious – the unrestrained Aries, it enabled a return to the primitive physical instinctive nature. The Aries is not connected to the devil, but where God is out of the picture, the devil can enter. Hitler, Hermann Göring, Joseph Goebbels and Rudolf Hess – the “privileged Nazi gang” – loved car racing, boxing fights and Wagner’s music. Defeat wasn’t an option in their point of view. Wagner said, “It doesn’t matter what we fight for, but how we fight”. The slogan of the SS was “fighting for fighting”, Votan doesn’t get old, he stays young forever because he always fought. It’s interesting that Otto von Bismarck (1.4.1815), which was considered the father of the German nation, was an Aries sign.

Two Philosophies in Aries sign (Thomas Hobbes and René Descartes)

We noticed that astrological sign has expressions- both as individuals, as a group and as a system. The content of the astrological sign has great possibilities and different levels. At the psychological and historical level, it’s worth to mention the Aries philosophers because their philosophy represents the Aries idea in the world philosophy and thought. The first one is Thomas Hobbes (15.4.1588), the English philosopher who wrote the famous book “The Whale” (in 1651), which argued that the Aries nature is actually fighting everything like in a war. Hobbes claimed the term “Homo homini lupus” (the wolf animal is associated in astrology to a lamb..), aiming to natural selection that encourages aggression, violence and egotism. That’s the reason a person needs a country and laws to protect him. Hobbes, as an Aries sign, was skeptical about the Holy Scriptures and criticized its ” agnosticism”. His doctrine derives from the basic point of an Aries sign, which claims that a human is selfish and war is in everything based on a natural mood. The Libra polarity is the social contract in which humans give power to the sovereign in order to create a frame of respect for others through discipline, justice, order and law. Another important philosopher in the picture above is Rene Descartes (31.3.1596), which at the age of 22 volunteered to the army and it didn’t stop him from being a philosophical thinker and a fascinating Aries in his intellectual independence. Descartes is an Aries sign, he starts everything from the beginning regardless the past and feels obligated to no one. In his book “Meditations on First Philosophy” Chapter 1, he writes: “to throw away from me all of the opinions… and start all over again”. His method begins with a radical doubt which is originated in the self-consciousness, the head and the famous sentence – “I think therefore I am”. He is known in philosophy by the name “Cogito”, which means – my thinking, the thought of an individual person. This is an expression of absolute Aries independence and a struggle against other philosophers, the Aries struggle which we have learned is a conceptual thought rather than a sword fight. This philosopher, whose conceptual journey begins with himself and not with anything external, builds a fulcrum to a contemplation of a new type. Descartes was proud of his military degrees and loved children very much.

Aries famous people and a little bit Hollywood

The adults among us might remember the movie “Bullet” (1968) , the Detective Frank drives in a crazy pursuit for a criminal in the streets of San Francisco. The detective is the famous actor Steve McQueen (24.3.1930), a sign of Aries which drives the famous Mustang car, a car that was sold in the 60s in America. McQueen drives over the prison fences with his motorcycle in the movie “The Great Escape” (1963), MacQueen was an Aries “Macho-Man” -he loved the extreme and speed of the car, which is a symbol of Aries in astrology with its technical context. Another famous Aries sign is the French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo (9.4.1933), a Macho-Man in his nature who played the wild and cheater in the French gangster movies at the time. Another Aries was an expert in martial arts was Steven Seagal (10.4.1952) . let’s not ignore another one– the actor Jackie Chan (06.04.1954). Lucy Lawless, which played the princess warrior Xena (29.3.1958) is a powerful Aries woman. Other famous Aries people are Van Gogh (30.3.1853), who was a stubborn, irritable and aggressive artist which painted nature, fields, farmers and the natural sky and stars at night. Van Gogh lived in the storm of Aries’s creativity and his paintings expressed his turbulent soul and activism of the sign. Another interesting Aries was Giacomo Casanova (2.4.1725), his conquests were aimed at women. Casanova had an egoist character haunted by sensual and material pleasures. He saw the temptation of a woman as an Aries combat which gave him an everlasting excitement. This is how the polarities of Aries and Libra merged into an act of war and love. Another interesting Aries person was Marlon Brandon (3.4.1924), an individualist rebel which followed the popular rules of Hollywood and released himself from consensuses. He was a handsome guy when he was young, he didn’t believe in God and expressed his eruption of passion in the movie ” A Streetcar Named Desire” (1957) and “The Last tango in Paris”, Which was considered unprecedented by its erotic intensity. He expressed war in the movie “Apocalypse Now” (1978) (directed by the famous Aries person – Francis Ford Coppola (7.4.1939)). In this film, Brando played Colonel Kurtz who terrifies the native people in the jungle in Cambodia. The film’s soundtrack is a typical Aries song – ancient drum sounds, because in each Aries lies deep down a wild and authentic tribe boy. The greatest Renaissance artist was Leonardo De Vinci (15.4.1452) who was a well cultured character and designed tanks, submarines and cannons in the military context. He worked and learned physiology and anatomy of the body, he mapped and documented the skull and face which are one of the context of the physical Aries sign. And last but not least is Russel Crowe (7.4.1964), which played the Rome Maximus in the movie “Gladiator” (2000). Crowe is a rough Aries person who loves motorcycles and once even admitted: “I want to be Marlon Brando…”. We see the violence in the Aries films of the famous director – Quentin Tarantino (27.3.1963): “Kill Bill” (2004), ” Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction”. Finally, Lady Gaga (28.3.1986), who presents Aries’s authenticity in her singing performances. In a TV interview she was asked: what is your secret?, so she replied: “I liberate the audience… so that they will feel good with themselves and not be ashamed to be who they are”. We said authentic, right…?