Three partners: Yaron Livne, Yaron Yaniv and
Gil Livne, and great believers In the ability of astrological and numerological tools to help you better understand your path of life and your relationships with other people. That's why we built AstroWiz, an innovative site that provides comprehensive astrological and numerological insights based on your time and place of birth.-

But in addition, we enriched AstroWiz with a variety of tools (such as business insights and the meaning of house numbers) and with in-depth knowledge of this fascinating field. Gil Livne comes to AstroWiz with years’ experience in advertising and design. Yaron Yaniv comes to Astrowiz with many years of experience in Business Systems Management and Yaron Livne is an astrologer with more than 30 years’ experience in the field.​

Yaron Livne’s Story

Yaron Livne, a Taurus (born May 9), comes to the field of astrology unexpectedly. Yaron’s father always wanted his son to continue his path and establish a career in the field of security, but Yaron despite interesting trips around the world as an air marshal, did not feel that this kind of work was his destiny in life. He felt all the time that something was missing. Frustrated, he decided on one of his visits to Egypt (in the late 1970s) to visit the Great Pyramid of Giza. The same 4500-year-old pyramid from the . A period that was also marked by the Taurus sign similar to Yaron’s. It turns out in hindsight that astrology prevailed in terms that the events happened to Yaron were not circumstantial. The following events were destined to happen.
At the height of two thirds of the pyramid, Yaron entered the room where the Pharaonic king is buried. Ten minutes in this dark choked room, made him change his life thoroughly. There was the turning point that made him realize his mission in a long spiritual journey where the scaffold and the platform were and still are astrological archetypes. Yaron discovered that because he was a Taurus, his visit to Egypt was not circumstantial. In addition, he realized there is major significance to the fact that the . From there the decision to study philosophy at Tel Aviv University was easy, as well as the decision to focus simultaneously on astrology as a tool to find his path of life. After graduation, Yaron continued to deepen his astrological and numerological research in order to help others follow the process of self discovery and self-realization.

How AstroWiz was born?

For more than three decades Yaron has been analyzing, diagnosing, advising and providing insights by decoding astrological maps of private individuals, companies and government entities. Yaron's unique and comprehensive diagnosis enables a clearer navigation of life from mystical-spiritual and philosophical point of view.

Yaron appears in a variety of current affairs tv shows, as well as writes commentary on historical events in the media, social networks and the press. His in depth multidisciplinary studies on the relations between astrology / numerology and the worlds of philosophy, religion, culture, psychology and history can be found on Astrowiz blog.

Yaron also has regular radio shows and he appears weekly in various events and lectures. He wrote four books covering in depth the fields of astrology, philosophy, and his latest: astrology for business.

Today in the Aquarian Age (characterized by an extensive social connections and rapid communication), the need to help people without the constraints of time and space led to the creation of Astrowiz. An innovative site that allows you to receive more accurate astrological forecast (based on time and location of birth), better understand your zodiac match, catch up on fascinating articles in the field, and dive deep to explore how deep is the rabbit hole, where you can uncover new surprising personal connections to your astrology and numerology.

How will AstroWiz help me?

Like many others you too may look for validation that the way you have chosen is the right one and that there are solutions to issues in personal relationships with your spouse, family and friends. AstroWiz is a self-examination tool that will illuminate your unique path of life and help you better understand your mixture of traits.

On the one hand, There is no coincidence. Your life is based on causality determined by your unique location and alignment of the planets at birth. Your star map is a template that defines your personality and destiny in life. On the other hand, and in paradoxical way, you still have free will to navigate your life as you please.​

Astrowiz will help you better understand yourself and your development in life. Discover why with some people your connection is better compared to others which may not lead to desired results. Learn why certain professions of study are more suitable for you with better business flow in your career. Everything about you is anchored in the correct analysis of your zodiac map’s interconnections.

AstroWiz is not a tool to predict the future, but it will provide you with deep insights into what is going on around you, and how to improve your next steps wherever you turn. AstroWiz is a combination of art and science. Art- because of the ability to translate the right blend of your range of attributes into one whole idea. Science- because of the reliance on astronomy and on mathematical calculations needed for building your personal zodiac map.

AstroWiz is the result of a great love for the astrology profession. Our site is unique in terms of the vast scope of content (astrology and numerology) and the possibilities it offers you personally or for your business. You may be interested in receiving more precise and tailored content within our premium services or you can choose to be satisfied with the vast information available free of charge. In any event, we will be happy to have the privilege to be part of your journey, assist you to gain an insight into your way of life and provide you with tools for discovery and self-realization.​

The Pharaonic Period

Each astrological age lasts approximately 2160 years. Today we are at the beginning Of the Aquarian Age, preceded by the Age of Pisces, Age of Aries (the belligerent projection of Greece and Sparta) and the Age of Taurus at the times of ancient Egypt. Since Taurus polarizes the Scorpio in the zodiac, the culture of Egypt was influenced by Scorpio: for instance the idea of death and rebirth in the next world of the Pharaohs mummified in the largest burial site in the world: the pyramid.

About 5,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians built the Great Pyramid of Giza. There are 4 sides in a triangular shape, which are a copy of the four elements in the Zodiac wheel. The triangle of fire contains the signs of the Leo, Sagittarius and Aries. The triangle of air includes Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The triangle of water includes Cancer, Scorpion and Pisces. The triangle of earth includes the signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Next to the pyramid stands the Sphinx with a human face and the body of a Leo. It represents a deep understanding of the Egyptian culture regarding the fact that opposites are complementary. Similar to constellations that stand polar to one another (Leo polar to Aquarius) so is the Sphinx Leo body compliment his Aquarian human face.

The connection between the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Zodiac: