Gemini Sign


The keywords for Gemini sign are: duality, movement, change, substitution, communication, language, flexibility, adaptation, telephone, advertising, newspaper, media, marketing, radio, sales, public relations and mediation. In the Roman mythology, Gemini sign is Mercury- the God of trade. He is described as a handsome and clever man. In the Greek mythology he was identified with Hermes – the messenger of the Gods and defenders of the walkers. Sometimes he is described wearing a beret, with winged sandals and golden wand in his hand called Caduceus. . He is considered the God of wealth and good fortune. Hermes is Zeus’s Son (Zeus – the father of Gods) and Nymph Maya is his mother. Another characteristic of him is a psychopath, a nickname that accompanies souls on their way to the underworld. ‘Hermes’ is called after an Egyptian strawberry, born in a cave rather than on the Olympus and is therefore considered a ‘plebeian’ and not an aristocrat. He is intelligent and deviousness, has quick reactions and bourgeois values rather than aristocratic ones. Profit is important to him more than prestige. He is considered as bringing ‘good luck’ and protects the people on the roads. Another Gemini sign is the Atranus of luxury, an immortal child associated with mime and pantomime. He reminiscent of the little prince of St. Exupery or Peter Pan. He has a special affection for the night world and is considered the magic God in the world of Hellenistic. The Gemini constellation includes the Castor star and Pollux star, whose essence comes from the idea of dichotomist twins – a kind of dual psychic reality that merges good and evil, rationalism and spirituality in a paradoxical way. The fact that Hermes is considered the God of thieves and revelation, As the God of revelation, he gave his name to the Hermetic philosophical system (from the school of Hermes Trismagistus). In his supreme form he is the God of commentators and scholars. He isn’t the light but only carries the light. He’s made of spiritual and material contradictions, represents the dynamic mental energy that is the essence of movement and change. According to the Odyssey, ancient gamblers used to pray to Hermes with the famous blessing that will bring them fortune – “Koinos Hermes”.

Communication and language

The Gemini needs movement and change, he is “hungry” for interaction, he’s urban in his essence and needs constant interaction with those around him so that he wouldn’t feel imprisoned. He’s verbal, objective and rationalistic. Perhaps the psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan, was right when he said that the language of Gemini does not represent reality but rather creates it (and this is what the philosopher Wittgenstein once said: “Language is not only the vehicle, it’s also the driver …” ) . At the depth of the philosophy of Gemini lays the assumption that the fact that we are speaking – we are absent. Perhaps this is the root of the “hunger” of Gemini for movement and communication, for constant irritation, the need to move from object to object and fill an inner space that comes from language. A baby learns how to speak between the ages of 1-3. Before that, he had known the world through his senses and not through concepts and words. In Kabbalistic observation, God creates the world in speech. The letters and words mediate between the nothing and everything, between God and creation. Therefore, language is a function of mediation in Gemini (Chapter 2 in Genesis). Language is the snake of the fateful event of eating from the Tree of Knowledge since Adam and Eve were conscious about their nudity. The recognition of the separation of the body from the soul was born. The letters are the embodiment of the spirit of God and the source of the vitality of creation in Judaism. In the Hebrew holy language, The words ” And with sanctified and Sean” – (meaning: the quality of the Hebrew language, which is called among the Jewish religious circles- the holly language. The language of Gemini is a perception of the world, when a person knows the Hebrew’s words and their meaning, he can create easily new words with the nouns. This connects us to the polarity of Sagittarius, to liberty, space and free will of Gemini, to a variety of opportunities and feedom). It indicates the Gemini’s language as a bridge between the spirit man and the divine spirit. Gemini mediates between the infinity of the divine and the eternity of human thought (Rachel Elior, “Freedom on the Tablets”, 1999). According to the Book “Sefer Yetzirah”, the transition from the abstract to the real is expressed through language. The letters of the prayer become a window which the infinite world is seen. They are the path of the duality of Gemini which connects between earth and heavenly, between infinite and finite, between spiritual and material, and between divine and human. The language emphasizes the Gemini’s polar dimension between him and Sagittarius in the zodiac, because it allows consciousness and free choice. The future is formed in a man’s thought and isn’t predetermined. Moving on to the next level, language enables the idea of community and group and therefore links to the community’s future, the purpose of it, it’s essence in the historical destiny. Perhaps it’s not surprising that the two tablets of stone in the Bible, given at Mount Sinai in the month Sivan, were at the same month of Gemini. It’s also important to remember that the Tower of Babel was an expression of arrogance and therefore destroyed (Genesis, chapter 11 phrase 5). We should not be blinded by the space and power of the polarity of Sagittarius which creates the Genesis’s language; This too should be restricted in frames. The researcher of theology, Rivka Schechter, emphasizes that eating from the Tree of Knowledge points the fact that the world is a ‘fruit of information’, the ‘fruit of language’. The man acquires the language from an external source, from the Tree of knowledge, the essence of linguistic philosophy of Gemini. The language is a tool for consciousness and free choice and enfolds the commitment for free choice and not something random or unspecified. It has a dimension of direction, purpose and essence. From the moment that a human can speak, he becomes a debtor to an external factor, distinguishes between pure and evil in the dual style of Gemini. Silence is an attempt to free him from the burden of language, the burden of the Tree of knowledge and the burden of choice and responsibility. Language brings the sense of space and wandering of polarity in Sagittarius. It’s not only a Gemini adaptation but also a deliberate change and conquest of the Sagittarius’s space for countries and continents. The language contains migration and geography. The philosopher René Descartes said: “I think, therefor – I exist”. The famous Cogito added the phrase in the book “Meditations on First Philosophy”: “I speak means I am in motion”. Language is a form of travel, transportation… from the inside out, from the self to the other. For Gemini, speaking means traveling, move, change, perhaps replace a kind of optimism into being in movement because being static is a burden on the soul. Traveling is an escape from eternity, circles, place without time and place to the heart of time and space itself. Language contains a structure of time (verbs of the past, present, and future), and without it time will not express itself in human consciousness. The language has a linear character, letter after letter, word after word, sentences that become text… The Buddha thought differently, because the eternal essence of Pisces (Allen Watts, “The Zen Way”, 1957), the world cannot be defined in words; the words are illusion patterns which the being is slipped like water out of a strainer. Of course, this is the basis of the philosophical conflict between Pisces and Gemini in their archetypal and ideal representations. That is why the Buddha never said a word to Zen, despite the countless homiletically sermon attributed to him, his true message was never said. The Gemini’s duality will be canceled according to Zen, when we stop categorizing and translating our experiences into words. The sound of water is not really the actual touch of water. The classified world is a product of consciousness and translated into letters and words. It’s clear that Zen will not agree with Faust’s say “The general rule of the words was bound! or then you are at the promised gate of the Temple of certainty” (Goethe’s Faust, Dvir 1975). The Gemini’s choice is to talk, travel, to be in motion and in time. Communication and language make the human an object, a factor that is always “outside” what is happening in reality. There is a need to reach him because he is not part of us, does not reside in the Pisces totality of astrology. It’s a duality that separates us from others. The height of the duality. This is the world of communication which is contained in the Gemini’s words.


The Gemini contains the urbanism and reciprocal interactions in “one package”, trade, sales, advertising and transportation. He is aware that the mass of people are “hungry” for irritations and that silence is difficult for a person. Talking takes us out of inner emptiness. Gemini uses the radio, television, Internet, the social networks and especially the cellular phones, so that people can talk, so that we can find a ‘constant journey’ to meet ourselves. Communication replaces the true meeting between souls, says the Jewish Philosophe Martin Buber. This is a paradoxical circuitry, because on the one hand communication is a movement towards, and therefore embraces optimism of ‘liberation from the ‘what’ … liberation from the ‘to’ …’ On the other hand, man is in perpetual motion and he experiences informative shallowness and continuous to search, move and communicate… In the Internet corporations, this movement has a name: Traffic – where the ‘swarm’ is located, how it’s created and where it’s facing now. This form will be translated into advertising and sales. Jacob Burke (noise 2009) says, we consume communication and are in an ‘Infomania’. It’s an addiction for information, a journey for frequent traffic … illusory optimism. This is a trip to nowhere, if you ask the Pisces Buddhist Taoist. Information is a kind of intermediary between us and the world, a constant noise so we can’t even hear ourselves. Information destroys the inner listening to the soul. We may be afraid not to find anything inside, so perhaps it’s preferable to “close a deal” and find an informative diet ‘out there’, a fast food … fast food restaurants… God forbid meeting with our inner peace. Loaded with marketing messages, we run to the noise, says Jacob Burke. We will add to the rapid journey the information, fast… optimistic … and releasing … The known media thinkers such as Marshal McLuhan (‘Understanding Media’, 1964), Neil Postman (‘Amusing ourselves to Death’, 2000) and Michel Foucault (‘The Archeology of Knowledge’, 1982) view the media as a new epistemology. McLuhan claimed that the medium is the message; the structure (of the media) dictates the content. The structure takes first priority over the content and determines it and its order. The media dictates our perception and changes our concepts of truth to reality. McLuhan argued that the media is “the branches” of our nervous system. A new medium is a cell phone that changes the structure of our discussion till the point of damaging the language, the words and letter that are shortened to text messages and symbols. In McLuhan’s terminology, the message is the medium. A writer wouldn’t agree to damage the words and letters which the religious original of it is in the tree of knowledge. In 1984, George Orwell had a new discourse whose purpose was to disrupt the meaning of words so that the public can understand distorted content without any objections. Language is a disruption of human’s consciousness, of judgment, and of free choice given to humans by God. The cell phone keeps us connected all the time, available at any given moment, accessible to the outside world , tuned to it and disconnected from internal attention. During the Vietnam War, US President Lyndon Johnson responded to the famous CBS correspondent Walter Cronkite’s criticism of the war: “if I lost Cronkite’s opinion, I lost American’s public opinion.” Johnny Carson, the Moderator of the famous talk show in America, Injected the Gemini gene into the submission style of the talk show such as Jay Leno, David Letterman and others – a bit talking, a bit joking, the main thing is to release the individual from the depths of his soul and provide him with an easy and entertaining evening. Are you bored? Zap on the remote and find a release on the next channel. The famous American, Ted Koppel, once talked about the pressures he is put in to when he was being subjected before any ‘Night Lane’ show: he was being asked to talk in a popular language, too simple for his opinion, because of the production’s fear that viewers will go to watch the competitor channel. The Gemini chooses the correct headline and mediates between the viewers and the advertiser and the large economic ‘synthesis’. He is addicting the masses to the media, just as McLuhan witnessed in his identity the narcotic dimension of the media. The tendency to leave the radio, television or Facebook open, are a Gemini style that confirms the “reality out there” … If I’m attentive or watching, there is actually a reality out there … In McLuhan’s opinion we become what we watch. The best example of this dimension is the ‘Big Brother’ program on television. Society becomes an echo of the Gemini’s media and is captivated by the distraction of entertainment, as claimed Neil Postman in his book “Entertainment to Death” (2000). This is precisely what Aldous Huxley was concerned about in his book “A Wonderful New World (1932),” which describes our attraction to the ‘Big Brother’. Huxley is not concerned about Orwell’s concern in 1984, on the contrary- he is concerned about the mass for addiction and his love for the communicative ‘Big Brother’. Orwell was afraid of what we are afraid of, he was afraid of what we love…The French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu , calls the panelists – “fast thinkers”- in parallel to fast food like an easy and convenient TV show, easy-to-digest… “The less you know, the better you are”. Although slowness and seriousness are disturbing Mercury, and for this star they are unnecessary and frustrating, A kind of stop … a sense of being in a traffic jam … stop driving. A flow and easy passage between fast talking and moving to commercials…”. The “move to” is the Gemini’s ride; an optimistic journey of being ahead of … The media is a new theory of consciousness. All of these remind us of the metaphor of Buddhist’s lamp: When the lamp is lit it illuminates what is in the room, but at the same time illuminates itself (Biderman, The journey of philosophers 2003). The room is an allegory to the world, the objects are the external, the lamp is the consciousness – when it illuminates those around it, it illuminates itself otherwise it will fade. This is the reliance of Gemini in objects, also external and constant movement is possible. Just do not stop communicating, because without words – darkness is motionless.


Gemini sign is the main part of the capitalism because he has the power and strength of advertising. The ads are a world of images, music, drama, humor, information regarding celebrities and brands. The Gemini’s advertising turns on the polarity of Sagittarius in a spatial motion, liberating, extroverting- like fashion, models and idols in a “game of images” (Jean Baudrillard, 1986). The Gemini’s business becomes a show business… The sociologist Eva Iluz says, that the consumer culture, as the advertisers have designed it, prefers hedonism over rationality (The Culture of Capitalism, 2002). The products are sold according to the emotional value that the Gemini’s advertising builds around it. A world of images and emotions is building the value of – shampoo, a cell phone or even a cereal. This advertising act is turning on the polarity of profusion and happiness of Sagittarius sign, like we become momentarily young, beautiful, liberated, smiling and adventurous. The act of buying shifts us from the dimension of Gemini to an aristocratic abundance of Sagittarius. The Gemini’s advertisement gives the product with an emotional value. Wearing the right sports shoe, opening an expensive French wine at an event- all symbolizes our aristocratic prestige. The product will bring back our lost youth, the sneaker will bring us to nature with our partner, everything leads to the liberating Sagittarius, to space, desire, optimism and happiness. For the Gemini, the world looks like a global supermarket, if you can’t change the nature of a human at least you can sell him… We don’t consume products, but consume their meanings. The advertising world is a pseudo-therapy, giving a fake value and self-image, the act of buying is an instant mental therapy that liberates you even for a moment. Advertising has a liberating feeling no more than 30 seconds… Otherwise it will be considered as a Gemini’s communication. The paradox is – the aesthetic visual of advertisement empties the product from real information, it makes us quickly deciding to buy. Emptying the product from content, captures the product from any argument or personal view. The product is a way of life that suits everyone … Jean Baudrillard (America 1986) claims, “Smile, smile … the unidentifiable Americans have great teeth”. According to McLuhan, advertising are news, and it’s always good news.

Headline /Billboards / Urbanism

The Dutch scholar, Johan Hozinicha, visited the United States in 1926. In his book- “Diary of America,” he notes the importance of the headline, which is designed to tempt the reader to read and buy, the text extends itself through the headline, which is a protection from the harsh anonymity of modern life. The billboard- as bigger as they are, the smaller we get. The large faces are an expression of the loss of our identity, the celebrity is an advertising identity, our deepest fear and deepest wishes of content and personal identity. Slavoj Zizek, the Czech thinker, says in his book “Welcome to the Desert of the substantial” (2002) – Bin Laden’s attack on the Twin Towers was directed to stop the perception of Gemini on life – the exclusiveness on trading. The equation, Capitalism = Death, is expressed in people jumping from the burning towers, that represented the duality of Mercury and Hermes (the God of trading). Since there were two of a kind which represented the 0-1 digital maybe… In his Arab Muslim soul, felt Ben Laden “The haste from the devil” … the Muslim will never adapt to the fast-paced world of the Twins from a commercial direction. The German Gemini professor, Oswald Spengler (29.5.1880), specialized in languages and political science, expressed in his book “The Decline of the West” (1926), the polarity tension between Gemini and Sagittarius. Spangler distinguished between culture and civilization. There is a vibrant Culture at the end of the youthful Gemini. The civilization is sliding to degeneration, to the pursue for comfort. With the relocation of historical attention from Western Europe to America in the 19th century, begins the winter of the West. Spangler sees America as the Roman Empire of the modern world. He throws out from his Gemini’s soul the wide Sagittarius polarity, assuming that both Roman and America are empirically and extraterrestrial, wide open and clearly have a Sagittarius nature. The spatial expansion stops the spiritual development of the stage of civilization that preceded the stage of civilization, and therefore, the phase of decline and sinking appears, and emptiness resulting from the absence of significant spiritual expression appears afterwards. The West is the equivalent of Rome according to Spengler. In astrological language, only Gemini can contain such interesting ads with the polarity of Sagittarius regarding its shortcomings, within the overall macro-economic picture of the world.

Urbanism the city as an amplifier Gemini

George Simmel In his article “The Big City and the Life of the Soul” (1903), he is certainly a pioneer of understanding the Gemini as an urban character (in the mystical language), when he talks about the rise of neural activity as a psychological basis for understanding the urban human. The demanding urban environment doesn’t allow a person but urges him and intensifies his nerve stimulation to attack his senses with an endless succession of random impressions (Urbanism 2007). Simmel believes that the psychological conditions created by the city don’t allow deep emotional relations. These are more a buyer-seller relationships. Indeed, the city has a kind of liberation from the shackles of tribalism and the mentality of the village of the Taurus sign, which is typical for a small town. The feeling of community is weakening in the city, and the individual earns the free space of the Sagittarius polarity. This polarity is a kind of movement, the constant turnover of internal and external stimulus that increases the neural activity. This is a significant contrast to the life in the village or a small town, which the images are slower and regular. The Gemini large city has an intellectual-communicative character in his soul, in contrast to the emotional life of the village that produces emotional closeness and a slow rhythm. Something in the large city turns a human into a “number”, the Gemini large city wears a form of interest, ruthless interest, and economic egoism, there is nothing to fear from. The Gemini’s agenda in the large city has a numerical, computational mark. Quantitative values replace quality values. Gemini has an accountant nature. The small or Gemini villages will feel the suffocation of an aquarium … In the large city, every thread that grows creates new threads, this is a Marcurial unstopping movement that creates the Sagitarius polar space that symbolizes freedom and optimism. Despite what’s said, in the large city there is a lack of authenticity of human relationships, and therefore invites a kind of loneliness and alienation Connectivity is not a real connection and therefore the Gemini person can feel abandoned in the hustle in the city. Space may release something from the history, but creates a new loneliness. Oswald Spengler argued that “the city has its own culture:” What means the house for the farmer, the city is for the man of culture “(urbanism, 41). Transportation, communications, trams, telephones, newspapers, advertising, elevators – all of these generate great mobility and a large urban population. Spangler believes that all cultures are native to the city. This is a criterion of the history of the world. This is a history of the city’s people. Anthropology and the human science dealt first with the study of primitive human. The Gemini urban culture is not a less interesting subject to research … For example, mobility, the movement of the Mercury Gemini is not measured just by changing the geographic place, but by the variety of stimulus that the individual responds to. Mobility depends not just on transportation but also on communication, education, learning and reading. Also, expanding the financial economy to a growing number of interests. The term “Gemini’s mobility” is the opposite of “isolation.” This is a wide range of phenomena which the city produces. The Gemini’s intelligence is undoubtedly the result of the population’s mobility. It’s interesting to note that there is a close connection between the immovableness of primitive human and his inability to make use of abstract ideas (Sagitarius polarity). The knowledge of the farmer As a result of his tangible occupation with cattle or being in the field, the connection to the land makes it difficult to move from the level of perceptible to the level of ideas. Since Mercurius Hermes is the mythological God of traders, markets and transportation, the market is one of the causes of the modern city. the stock market, chambers of commerce – all of these require speed and adaptability and have a newsworthy character. Knowledge gets essential importance. Urbanism allows advertisement, headlines, gossip, and all these get to public opinion. In these circumstances, far from the rustic villages, the usual symbols of fashion, style, lifestyle, all of these attract the young people from the village to the city. A kind of aspiration for optimism and Sagittarius space, that in a polarity space has a new stimulus and content. A kind of friction and interaction without interruption. Density reinforces the effect of numbers. Traffic lights, clocks, appointments are set in numbers. Leaving or ignoring the number will bring solitude. The Gemini as a social and communicative sign, bring the human to the city in order to join a group of people who have similar interests to his. Urban life has a much higher level of interdependence between people. People are subjects to manipulations through symbols and stereotypes managed by interest groups who act behind the scenes and are controlling the media. The shallowness of Gemini increases as the number of people who interact with each other grows, the level of communication between them is low. Gemini is actually the archetype of urban sociology. The following picture emphasizes the formal dimension that exists in the depth of the structure in the zodiac. This is an emphasis regarding the figurativeism which connects two events from different times to a formal / conceptual unity. The emphasis is about a newspaper and a cellular phone, the focus is so intensified … Time does not play a role… but rather the idea of attaching the dimensions to the unifying principle of communication dependence and Gemini connectivity.

Famous Gemini people

John Fitzgerald Kennedy (29.5.1917) – was the 35th President of the United States and was only 43 when he got elected. Kennedy brilliantly represents Gemini when he was perceived by the American people as a much younger, fresh and handsome president than Nixon (who ran for president). Nixon was seen on television at the 1960’s election when his character was faded and old. Kennedy was a talented speaker who made a correct use of words and communication. He represented the Gemini’s polarity by planting new hope and optimism in America, he promised a groundbreaking Sagittarius journey which a man would land on the moon. In fact, Kennedy was a kind of Camelot, an idealistic naive knight, the young people were captivated by his charm. He found his death in Dallas, Texas, shot in his presidential Cadillac by an assassin. Bob Dylan (24.5.1941) – The famous singer of Gemini, forever young, at the age of 70 still continues to perform well on stage. Dylan is Mercurius Hermes who isn’t considering himself as a pathetic symbol of the 1960s. Dylan isn’t only Mercurius Hermes, but a mythological messengers of this generation. He is also a mediator between the blues and folk music in his generation and has excellent sales and marketing skills. Donald Trump (14.6.1946) – The billionaire who is currently running for presidency of the United States, he is definitely conquering parts of America with his words and phrases. He fights the press, the Chinese, Hillary Clinton, the Mexicans and Islam … The polarity of Sagittarius brings him to one great Crusade in space…. Where the Gemini’s verbal skills produces non-stoppable phrases. The prevailing perception and philosophy in Trump is of Gemini, it’s a world of business … and deals have to be closed. In a way, his verbal aggression reminds of another Gemini person in Israel- Yvette Lieberman (5.6.1958). Before his part as the defense minister he “literally shot” everything that moves… Paul McCartney (18.6.1942)- The famous Beatle, experiences the musical duality when he sang and played the Beatles’ songs with John Lennon. He was born as a sociable and communicative Gemini, he looked younger than his age. Henry Kissinger (27.5.1923) – was the Secretary of the State in the early 1970s. He is a Gemini who is characterized by his wisdom and his ability to conduct negotiations with various parties around the world. He was considered a manipulator of information at the time, he made a brilliant use of his skills to promote America’s external interests (Gemini’s polarity). The idea of duality of the sign Gemini is cut out in his book “Diplomacy” (1994), in which he presents a dual premise of two attitudes to Americas foreign policy: that of Woodrow Wilson, the other is rooted in Theodore Roosevelt’s legacy. Other Gemini’s are the Hollywood actors, John Wayne (26.5.1907) and Clint Eastwood (31.5.1930). In most of their films they have a role of playing cowboys, gun bugs and law and justice rulers in the Wild West. In the astrological point of view, this is just another confirmation regarding the idea of the polarity of Sagittarius that “beats” inside of the Gemini’s heart. Last but not least, Joan Rivers (8.6.1933) from the American television channel, was known for her speech and loud voice, was laughing at herself and Hollywood celebrities…. At the age of 80 