Libra Sign


In mythology Aphrodite was a Pandemus (belongs to all people). She had a big temple in the city of Thebes. In Athens and Argos, the Temple of Aphrodite was called “Urania,” meaning – the heavenly. Aphrodite was responsible for all types of love – therefore, her power was the greatest (Roden 1982). On the one hand, she was nice, protective of marriage institution and contributes to the understanding between women and men. On the other hand, she raised the outbursts of passions, destroyed marriages, lead victims to madness and even to crime. Aphrodite had a daughter of the Zodiac sign Mars – named Harmony. Aphrodite was unique in the garden of prostitutes in Corinth- the port city, the prostitutes gained the presence of priestesses of Aphrodite. In Sparta they honored Aphrodite as carrying a weapon, and in Thessaly was common – “Aphrodite worship – Anousia”- meaning: Aphrodite the unholy, unconsecrated. Many researchers believed there was a connection between Aphrodite and The Assyrian goddess, Astarte Phoenician, and those luminous Babylonian Astarte. In a Visual perspective, Aphrodite was described as she was naked or half-naked, with an erotic charm prominent and distinguished. In nature, she was associated with roses and the tree of the Hadas, to poppy seed and pomegranates. She was also associated with swans and pigeons. Aphrodite is the daughter of Zeus and Diona. She was born from the genitals of Uranus that was castrated by his son, Kronos, and the command of his wife, Gaia. The story tells that she was born from the sea’s foam as a symbol of the daughter of the Gods. From the love between her and a Trojan hero named- Anchizes- was born a hero called Aeneas, the father of the Romans. Virgil claimed that Aeneas had settled in Italy and one of his descendants, Remulus, had founded the Roman Empire. Therefore, the Romans saw Aphrodite – Venus, as their mother’s nation and she was highly respected by them. She loved young handsome men and they couldn’t refuse to her will, otherwise they would be severely punished. There were also tragic heroines like Medea and Helena, who were victims of Aphrodite’s intrigues. Aphrodite had two well-known children: Hermaphroditus and Eros (Coupeido). Hermaphroditus was born from the union of Hermes and Aphrodite. Eros-Amor-Cupid is the faithful companion of the goddess of love and is her most important and beloved son. He is the fate messenger of his mother, winged and spreading love among mortal people through arc and arrows. Thanks to Eros, people who are in love can feel the taste of Aphrodite, the taste of love. Aphrodite is the essence while Eros is the mediator. At Plato’s feast, Eros is described as a force that connects the divine and humanity.

Beauty and fashion

Beauty industries around the world are making billions of dollars. Behind the capital are the images of beauty distributed as opium to masses of women around the world. Those who engage (women and men) in its production will certainly say that beauty leads women to the polarity of Libra, and the men to Aries. The men, perhaps would like the women to be outside the centers of power. Capitalism, claims Nancy Atcoff (“The Survival of the Most Beautiful,” 1999), and the rule of the labeling men uses our language, Using the nature of Libra, to define the beauty for cultural consumption. This way, the images of beauty are everywhere in order to arouse jealousy, lust and greed that serve the financial profits. Fashion companies create a disconnection between our sense of beauty and fashion sense that aren’t identical. It is the language of the famous philosopher, Sarter, “The Other comprehensive person”, the view of the other person on me, the way we think that the other person looks and understands us, the nature of Libra which we define ourselves in the view of the other person on us. A rapper’s hat worn upside down connects us to a social vibe, clothing is a Libra connection with definitions and a direction of social identity. A cloth is a “say” of where I belong. In the coupling circle there is value to expensive wear, but the value of the expensive clothing also diminishes after the sexual goal has been achieved. The ‘Libra fashion’ is a social competition, it allows the polarity of Aries a dialect and complementary opposites to be shown from the zodiac. That’s what the colored feathers of the birds do, or the mane hair in some mammals, or the particularly long tail of the peacock. Fashion failure is not only an aesthetic failure, but also a social failure. Human consciousness leads aesthetics to other levels, it is a failure to belong to something, a lack of connection to a group, to morality, to the right time, even to a point not recognizing the objective reality. In the absence of “wrong” clothing, the affiliation to the group is not accepted… (The simple belonging to a group, without words or content, the immediate one). In the deep consciousness, the fashion “Rules” have a deep stream and implications in the tension and the bilateral flow as in Libra and Aries. We must not fall behind the fashionable order.

The model, the celebrity and the Logo (about proportions and symmetry)

Tommy Hilfiger once said: “I can’t sell a shirt without a logo.” Wallets, perfumes, and other cosmetics are with meaning to the purchaser. The purchase brings a sense of belonging, the perfume makes you rich for a short time, the item connects us to a high status, and the label of a designer becomes a symbol of nobility. A new fashion is shown on television and on websites. “Selfi” photos on social networks increase the dimension of being in fashion. The aesthetic power of Libra sign is seen in Channel E, when the program’s director stands at the entrance (in the American Film Academy Award) and doesn’t ask about the film’s content but the celebrities clothing. Designers understand the potential profit they might have by the fact that the celebrity will wear their clothes, so they rush to provide them with these. The public will see the newest look of “fame and fortune”. Aphrodite ornaya, which is the divine Aphrodite, receives a physical concrete expression for all who look at her. The Model – the representation of Earth-celestial Aphrodite/Venus moves in the pattern of models on the runway. This path is with mathematics, proportions, and symmetry … 90-60-90 (For the lovers of the numerology, the connection of the escapee will give 24 =2+4= 6 – the mystical number of Venus …). They give the Celestial Formula (at least in a platonic point of view) … to a national expression, even only for a moment … the momently will leave the celestial dimension at the end of the show. We can look but not touch. The body of the Libra model is an artistic work, although it’s a human body, but it’s unique among most observing women. It’s unique, exclusive, there are not many women like her. The model is indifferent, expressionless and unattainable. She is located as an upper Libra race, she is desired, a heavenly ideal of Aphrodite. Her purpose is to wear clothes and show the impossible, the perfection of the Platonic idea of beauty, proportions and aesthetics. Show the connection between heaven and earth. The embodiment of the astrological archeology in its purity. In the 1990’s, we witnessed a rise in the phenomenon of the supermodel. This was expressed in the polarity of Aries and Libra and their two way flow. When Vogue magazine introduced Linda Evangelista, Christie Turlington, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell on the title pages, defining them as the leading models of the world, it wasn’t just their beauty that spoke, it was the polarity of Aries that responded with mystical circular compensation to the beauty of Libra – to be the first, to lead. The idea of Libra’s beauty gained her with status of an eternity model and gave high prestige to her collection of clothes, their presence on the runway is an indication that the designer has enough money and influence to hire their services. Modeling is a “market” of Libra-Aries mix, beauty has a short period of time, and it’s momentary, temporary, rhythmic and subjective to the clock of the human body. In this market, getting to the top is for very few people. In this market – the winner takes it all. The model reflects the “Sartrean totalitarian” in her airy walk on the runway, turns the viewer into the “victim of fashion.” The person whose self-esteem and inner image derives from the brands he wears, is emptied of his independent, brand less personality, he becomes what Baudelaire calls – the captivating “amusing glaze” of the divine cake. Indeed the cakes glaze, and not the cake itself. The majority’s preferences become a pattern that reduces the space of our personal preferences and intimacy. The display window rises, a form replaces the content. This is a deep human tendency, not only in New York or Paris, but also in the Calahari Desert in Africa. The tribe’s girls continue to apply animal oil on their skin to add moisture, even in times of starvation. Thus, we spend more money on beauty than on education. This is the power of Libra, she is visual, and you can see her. But let’s take another step on the scale of the Libra and Astrology of Venus. The fashion, the model, the celebrity, the brand and the precious clothing – help us. They release us from the intensity of the moment and the present of the exhibition, from the depths of the soul and our mental stress as human beings. The deep philosophical questions about ourselves and life, for a moment, fades into the dazzling beauty and aesthetics of perfect proportions. Thus, the model frees the soul, there is no place at the moment for it, the center of vision is larger than other areas.. Look and let go, buy now and belong to the right square. The measurement booth will do what the psychologist won’t do for sure. Self-image. Prestige, beauty and status will expel the confusing thoughts and soul-searching. Libra, then, is also lucky to unleash inner content into an external reality, such as – the media and social networks. A kind of aesthetic shock on the one hand, and a common drug on the other. The model, folds the present time of aesthetic and beauty, liberates and releases for a moment the chronological time itself, the emotionally burden time that impairs the externality. Libra, in the order of human consciousness, is also a victory over the dimension of time, even only for a moment, it’s nevertheless a great morphine against pain. The Aries does it like scoring a goal in football … the model does the same thing just without muscles. The model will get old, and next year will come a new Venus model. The model is temporary, Venus-Aphrodite is eternal from the world of Plato. The aesthetic presents a world that belongs to the aesthetic surgeries, the spa clubs, and the fitness of Aries, the silicon.. Thomas Mahn mentioned in his book, “Death in Venice”: beauty is a longing rout of the spirit’s soul coming towards the body. The Greek scholar, Crispos, claimed the beauty doesn’t derive from elements but from proportions and harmony of the pieces. Both are key words in the world of Libra. Furthermore, beauty refers to a short period of time: the plentiful women of Renuar were once the ideal of beauty (for Muslim men, they still are and being paid a higher bride price), with busty breast and heavy weight. Afterwards, Twigi- the skinny woman, appeared to be the ideal of Libra.

Love and War

We already discussed the mythological connection between Venus and Mars, between the beauty of ‘Libra Aphrodite’ and the violence and competitiveness of Aries and his ruler- Mars. The Libra goddess was called ‘nail up’, which meant – to nail high (glamorous women pictures were nailed to the wall). Hollywood actresses, glamorous women with the plentiful curves and figure bursting out of their tight evening dress, were the dream of the Aries men. Serving across the sea, away from home, soldiers dreamt about beautiful Venus woman which served as a reminder for their fighting purpose. That’s how the Aries also used the feminine Libra’s beauty, to encourage the soldier’s motivation. Same goes for the announcement of an American admiral to his soldiers indicating that Marlen Ditrich’s legs “raised morale in our military”. Rumor says that the picture of another famous Libra – Rita Highworthe’s (2nd war world two) was painted on a bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima (17.10.1918). Pictures of beautiful women are still commonplace in the barracks of fighters in military bases. The polarity of Libra and Aries also appeared in the Vietnam War: The Mekong Delta was bleeding in the other side of the ocean while half a million young people participated in the Woodstock festival, “make love not war” was announced in Kang San. While bombers and helicopters dropped Napalm in the jungle, soldiers weren’t making love, they were releasing their male Aries energy together with the whores at Ho Chi Minh City. Indeed, in Woodstock they were making love, in Ho Chi Minh City they were making war. The three festival Woodstock days in Aug 1969 were an example of the astrologic polarity. The Libra’s message influenced Marines minds in muddy Vietnam. Woodstock had a political Libra message. In Washington D.C people were protesting and young people sang “1,2,3,4, what the hell are we fighting for?”. These longing for Libra’s love & peace gave rise to a cultural generation who sang John Bazze’s songs and went experience the “Hair” musical. Where there are NBA game breaks, carved cheerleaders are completing the ‘muscular Aries show’. These girls even marry some celebrity athletes. Marilyn Monroe, for example, married the famous baseball player, Joe DiMaggio at 1954. Halle Barry emerged out of the water in the James Bond movie “Die another day” (2002), and Ursula Andres does the same act in the movie “Dr. No” (1961). These are an example of Venus VS. Mars. In all of James Bond action movies, there is a “hot girl” being part of the “Bond package” of – violence, sex and beauty. Libra brings cars and weapons alongside the feminine beauty. This is how Fleming interpreted the astrological polarity into film-making, bikini beside guns. No wonder the famous Libra actor, Roger More (14.10.1927), played James Bond so successfully. The known American admiral from War World Two, David Eisenhower (14.10.1890), was a great example for the polarity of Libra when he planned The Invasion of Normandy and pulled Germany into surrender. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, also a Libra sign, is determined to act and doesn’t hesitate to move militarily forces using his polarity of Libra. Putin is also a sports and judo fan. As for polarity in sports, we find famous athletes like the Scotty Pippen (25.9.1965), in American basketball. Oded Katash (16.10.1974), the muscle man from Israel. The actor and martial artist, Jean-Claude Van Damme (18.10.1960), is also an example of Libras who dealt with the polarity of Aries. Actor Christopher Reeve (25.9.1952), also comes to mind playing the power of Aries in the Superman movies.

Sartre's point of view, morality and ethics.

We have discussed about the “other comprehensive”, the same term that Sartre, the famous French philosopher, expressed. The same look about the other, a kind of ‘stone gaze’ from the mythological Gorgon that deprives us from the freedom and spontaneity of the Aries polarity. The ‘other comprehensive’ is an illusion, a kind of mindset that gives us control. It begins in childhood, with the loss of authenticity of children who are forced to adapt to the normative stereotypes attributed to others. “Other comprehensive” has a normative conception and contains the elements of bourgeoisie, politics, religion, academia and communication. The ‘other person’ penetrates (in an Aries style), through the mass media that dictating media trends in television and internet. The Aries sign is the “outside” that has acquired exclusivity over mankind and his technological and communicative way of life. He controls us through our thoughts, what people think of us, how we are seen. That’s what Sartre once said, “Our Hell is the other person”. That same other person who casts his observations on us and always looks at us from the outside. An adoption of his Aries way will leave us without freedom and in self-deception and struggle of the dialectic path between Aries and Libra, between the self and the other, between authenticity and forgery. The German philosopher Martin Heidegger (26.9.1898), a born Libra, believed that the totalitarian other imprints in us a “self-other person” which deprives us of an authentic utilization of the present polarity of Aries, and is replaced by the Libra kitsch of television soap operas and the Kim Kardashian (Also an Aries 21.10.1980) reality shows. Perhaps that’s the reason that Heidegger supported the Nazi Party in his search after authenticity and power of Aries. Libra is a sign of ethics and morality. This is not a Capricorn morality aimed at a theological divine command but rather a social morality. The morality of Libra is not external but rational and is perceived in the context of the social framework. Such a view was shown by Lord Shaftesbury, a morality detached from the divinity, morality that has no external source and religious dependence. This is the morality of a “moral sense”, a claim that took place in the philosophical language of the Enlightenment. Shaftesbury believed that moral intuition is a Libra equivalent to the sense of beauty and is part of a man of Libra’s aesthetics. It’s an equilibrium and harmony that is renewed at any given moment, and exists within us as human beings. As for the philosopher Emmanuel Kant, conscience and rationality in a man can bring him to the right judgment. In his opinion, this is a natural sense that he calls – “the absolute order” – a deep Libra attitude about the other person: “The principle of your action will be one that can serve as a principle for the actions of all human beings”. Then, the Libra’s demand from others is an altruistic attitude, meaning – he must act as I act towards him. This means that every rational person will adopt this action and will aspire to make it a general law. For Kant, this isn’t a divine interest (Capricorn sign in an astrological language) but a rational choice of reason and conscience. Kant also showed a connection between esthetic and moral judgment in a psychological ‘Libric altogether package’. The Libra’s aesthetic judgment connects the world of morality with the world of reason, there is a connection between beauty in art and the good in morality. For Kant, this is a kind of Libric harmony between the physical, moral and aesthetic worlds. Kant was not an Astrologer. The basis of his thought was the Libra as a component, an Idea of the soul as an individual or a group of people who are priori in all human beings. We don’t know the sign of the Greek philosopher – Aristotle, who went one step further in the Libra’s perspective when he suggested that justice is an imitation of love. If we love each other, there will be no need for laws and Libra’s justice will prevail in the world. The polar tension between society and culture in Libra, and between the natures of Aries that is discussed by the philosopher Thomas Hobbes (Also an Aries 15.4.1588) in his book “The Whale”, will be solved by restraining the nature of Aries and winning over his wisdom. Restricting the polarity of Aries, means limiting the immediate instincts and impulses towards awareness of the needs of the other person.

Famous Libra people

Friedrich Nietzsche (15.10.1844), the fascinating philosopher, represents in his philosophic and psychological thoughts, the idea of Libra’s morality. He disagrees with the common traditional of the Western culture: Christian morality, secular morality and the daily morals of the masses, which he calls- the values of the masses. In his books- “Thus said Zarathustra” and “Beyond Good and Evil”, he focuses on the idea of the astrological polarity of Libra and Aries as a dimension of compensation for opposites and acceptance. Furthermore, he argues in his book- “Human, All too human”, that behind the moral question of Libra, lies a central idea called “the will for power”, the polarity of Aries. The morality of slaves versus the morality of aristocrats, weakness versus power, and the individual versus the crowd – the same person, Superman called Zoroaster (hint: the Persian leader who argued for a moral split of darkness and the light …). Nietzsche wants power, a child, a warrior, a dancer. All of these represent the immediate present of Aries, a passion with no Christian morals, without the downfall of the West. Nietzsche believes that life is an aesthetic phenomenon without divinity, one great work of art. Aries, which respond with his polar character (like Nietzsche’s Libra) is the German God ‘Vatan’ who bursts with intensity. ‘Vatan’ is not getting old, he is a fighter that breaks and destroys. John Lennon (9.10.1940) – was a great musician who expressed his Libra character. Until he was murdered in 1981. He wanted peace and love, declared it many ways. Songs such as- “All you need is love” and “Give Peace a chance”. His love for Yoko Ono was one of the most famous love expressions in the world. Lennon was Aries sign: provocative and rebellious person who brought the youth fans to screams in his Beetles performances. Lennon released the wild Aries character into the crowd. With Yoko Ono he made love, not war, and kept singing “Love is the answer”. Oscar Wilde (16.10.1854), was Born in Ireland. Wilde is considered a particularly witty writer and critic. The Aries polarity is already in his name- Wild. His Libra personality he expressed in dandy, dressed in silk, luxurious clothes, large coats and huge ties … The Dimension of Aries was expressed in public love affairs with his Canadian lover- Robert Ross. Thus, his identity was revealed as homosexual. In his work stands the polarity of Aries. Wilde claimed, “I would have done anything to win again my youth.” The tension between age and aesthetics was expressed in his work – “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” (1891), which the hero is a patch boy who embodies gay beauty. Dorian is actually the young Wilde. This work expressed the profound wish to not grow old, Gray doesn’t get old and nothing is diminished from his Aries beauty, but his youthful portrait that was painted when he was young did age. Dorian’s moral deterioration confirms the Aries motif. Oscar Wilde is a staunch representative of Aries sign in its deep level, which sanctified the beauty and challenged the Victorian morality that was common in London, and was seen in the eye of Aries as a hypocrite. He lives for love and creation, and died because of them. Other famous Libra people are: the actor, Marcello Mastroianni (26.9.1924), who expressed the love of Libra in the famous 1961 film “La Dolce Vita” in which he embraces the Swedish actress Anita Ekberg (Libra … 29.9.1931) in the film “Yesterday Today, tomorrow”, from 1963 Sophia Loren makes a sensational Striptease. The label of the Latin-lover star in the film” Casanova “(1965), in which he worked to seduce women, is based on the polarity of Libra and Aries. More famous people are Yves Montand (13.10.1921), Sting (October 4, 1952.) Libra Politicians are- Jimmy Carter (1.10.1924) who made peace between Israel and Egypt in Camp David in the triangle hand shake between Begin and Anwar Sadat. Mahatma Gandhi, The famous Indian leader (2.10.1869), represents the Libra sign as he advocated tolerance and nonviolence against English government in India.