Taurus Sign


In the Greek mythology, Taurus is the symbol of Zeus – the father of Gods. Zeus appears as the animal Ox many times in the role of seducing women. The Ox was born from the match between Pacifea (Minos’s wife) and between the White Ox (the Greek mythology, 2000). Their descendant is Minotaur, the hybrid between a human and an Ox. The Minotaur was captured in the labyrinth of Daedalus and was killed by Theseus. The Ox is the sexual character of Zeus’s seduction, since he used the costume of an Ox and succeed to kidnap Europe – the daughter of Pinox, king of Phoenicia. The white Ox – Zeus himself – kidnapped her to Crete. Ox is mentioned in mythology as the seventh mission of Hercules, as part of his ethical missions. He was supposed to catch the white Ox, the same Ox that Poseidon sent from the depths of the sea to King Minus. Minus vowed to sacrifice the Ox to God, broke his promise and kept him to himself. Pacifica, his wife, fell in love with the white Ox and slept with him. After the sexual relations, he became violent and Hercules managed to control him. Ox continued his way until he got to the place marathon and eventually was killed by Theseus. Taurus represents the land, constancy and territorial persistence. Furthermore, this sign is about creation, music and soul. The profound dynamic wrapped in Taurus, moving between materialism and spirituality, soul and creativity, opens a lock to understanding the human psyche as a dimension of movement rather than a permanent state. The focus is on the relationship dynamics with his polar sign in the zodiac- Scorpio. The tension between Taurus and Scorpio represents the fascinating idea of complementary opposites, their two-way flow and the polar tension, which has its interesting way in the zodiac. The polarity dimension is expressed not only on the individual level but also in the group level in a broader way. Astrology has the idea of eras, because of that, astrological era lasts about 2,160 years. This point leads us to be present in the Era of Aquarius. Before this era, we were in the era of Pisces, and before that in the astrological film which reveals the era of Aries of Greece and Sparta. What’s relevant now is the Era of Taurus, which was before the Aries era.

Ancient Egyptian, 4500 years back.

The Pyramids and the Sphinx in Giza, near Cairo, show more than anything the power of astrology and the power of astrological knowledge from ancient Egyptian culture. The Egypt people had a ritual, called the sacred bull, which was connected to the God Serapis. The Egyptian national anthem was based on an Ox pushing and opening the doors to spring season. According to the principle of polarity, compensation and opposites complement each other, Egypt’s Ox era strongly increased Scorpio’s sign and led to a dominant expression of systemic-group observation. Scorpio represents, from an astrological point of view, the idea of death and rebirth. Egypt of the Ox era became Scorpio in his essence, in his external and internal characteristics, which is the pyramid world, Sphinx and the obelisks at Luxor, most of which express a massive Material intensity of the Taurus sign. These dimensions, however, were intended to express the Egyptians intensive preoccupation with the Scorpio’s death (One of the powerful Ramses evils was called “King of Scorpio”). The Pharaohs dealt with the ritual of the dead people, but the dead person undergoes a change, a Scorpio metamorphosis of death and rebirth, this time he turned into God. The rebirth of Scorpio is represented by the idea of Mummification of the Pharaoh and his burial in the pyramid. Egyptian Pharaoh doesn’t give up on the physical Taurus body, it’s just an intermediate station on his journey, to renewal and for life in another dimension. Embalming is a Scorpio act, since its goal is to preserve and renew in the divine world. The pyramid is the “anchor” of the polarity of Taurus-Scorpio, as a place of death and rebirth. A kind of “intermediate station”. The Sphinx represents perfectly the polarity between the signs Leo – Aquarius. This flow and bonding between Leo and Aquarius, which is also embodied in the giant Ox’s for thousands of years, shows the deep understanding of the Egyptians to the cosmological constancy and its connection to time, periods of times and the human psyche. The Scorpio has within him the deep understanding of the Egyptian soul, which observes and see’s life as a narrow corridor follows to the next thing- to death. The pharaohs took gold and property to their graves, quantities that even amazed the researchers of the pyramids. This shows their strong belief in reincarnation of the Scorpio and renewal. This is the time to mention that the exodus of the Jews from Egypt represents a different spiritual view based on the choice to live, and not to die, without the Egyptian Pharaonic dramatization. After crossing the Red Sea, the twelve tribes (which represent the twelve signs of the zodiac) appear as a pyramidal astrological knowledge from Egypt, the Pillar of Fire (the element of fire) that preceded the camp at night, the pillar of cloud (the element of air) which navigated at day and the split of the Red Sea completes the elements of water and land. This time, from a majeure force, without any material representation built out of stones, Moses breaks the Golden Calf – this message is a deep philosophical Jewish message. The material doesn’t buy an exclusivity on human consciousness. This is a difference from the Egyptian material dimension, this is the Egyptian pyramid materialism of Taurus. The Jewish people focus only on God and His commandments. Another emphasis is the eating from the “tree of knowledge” which brings to mind the awareness and language. All these are not materialism. From the Judaism’s point of view, the world is a result of information, materialism only obeys to information. If Adam and Eve would have eaten from the tree of life, it would have been the Egyptian Pharaonic symbol of total faith in the body and the physical, of life forever. In Christianity, the tormented body of Jesus is the atonement for the original sin. Eating from the Tree of Knowledge upgrades awareness of Taurus’s nudity = Scorpio’s nudity, it awakes the sin of Materialistic carnality which is momentary and temporal. This reaction stems from fear, the fact that the physical existence is limited, passes. This is how they expressed their lack of faith in the eternity of God, they were expelled from the Garden of Eden to work the land with sweat, as stated in Genesis 3:17. “”…The earth is cursed for you; in sadness you will eat, for the rest of your life…”. There is a hypothesis in the polarity of Scorpio and Taurus: the human, because of the physical-material dimension of Taurus, is actually present in his sin and therefore must transcend the physical-material-body existence of Taurus, which brings to the illusion of temporality and “buys” a material and sexual grasp in human consciousness. This is a limitation that must be overcome. The Messianic mission of Jesus, the Son of God, is to die on the cross. The Author Hannah Schechter in her book – “The Bible as a metaphor” (2008), argues that the person who wrote the story about the Tree of Knowledge, met the Egyptian culture and believed in the immortality of humans who are left in their body forever, if not in the visible world, then perhaps in the world after death. The prohibition to eat from the tree of life, is a defiance against the exclusiveness of the astrologist Taurus sign, who “grabbed” the era of Taurus together with the Egyptian’s soul. Eating from the Tree of knowledge brings compensation that creates awareness to eternity of a different kind. It creates life, continuity of descendant instead of being immortal in a body, eternity will be reflected in the chain of generations. Taurus is the sign of buying and property. When a person “knows His wife and makes her pregnant”, Eve says in her Taurus way: “I bought a man, I bought God”, the meaning of bought is “I created”. Man is a triple production product: God, Man and Woman. Schechter (239) claims that only after eating from the tree of knowledge, a man knows that he can’t eat from the tree of life. “I will be where I will be “(says God to Moses, Exodus C-14), implies futurism and open options, rather than Astrological circularity as a concept of Egypt. Linearity is replacing circularity, freedom of choice replaces determinism. In the Bible there is no alternative world, and there is no need for alternative world in the thought of the Bible. After Every step in creation, God says: “that’s good”. The exodus of the Jews from Egypt is therefore a conceptual and philosophical revolution, the Bible is a reaction against the Egyptian concept of the exclusiveness of Taurus=Scorpio. The Bible prohibits the illustration of God and worshiping of statues. The abstract can’t become tangible and create a deterministic materialistic trend in the human psyche. Judaism is focused on the language and replaces the Taurus territory with the written inheritance- books. The psychological problem of Taurus stems from the fear which comes from Scorpio’s polarity, fear from destruction that can lead to increased materialism, excessive consumption and non-proportional sexual emphasis. The Exodus from Egypt, in a certain sense, is the parable of the story “Lech Lecha” which Abraham was the sign for a variety of possibilities, in the free choice that God gave to humans. In order to gain the possibility to choose, one must give up on the old Taurus territory, if this will “buy” the exclusive installation in humans, it will lead to the Egyptian deterministic concept. Another focus of the Bible on the material Taurus question is in the story of Korach and his people (Numbers, 16). The people are absorbed by the ground and go alive to the netherworld… the netherworld and everything beneath the ground are considered Scorpio in astrology. This is a biblical warning which points on the dangers in the material physical conception of Taurus sign. The Ten Commandment says: “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house … your neighbor’s wife … his ox … and his truth …”. A man must overcome the lust for possessiveness and property, as subject to the polarity of Taurus-Scorpio, one must avoid Scorpio’s jealousy for another person because of his money and property. We can see the ‘Mitzva Shmita’ as a limitation and a Taurus minority of the earth in Judaism. In the Shmita year, the land, which is used well by the people who work it, goes back to God’s ownership, God “buys” its new right to renew itself and renew its reproductive powers.

Feudalism, land, sexuality and fertility

In historical observation, Taurus received a clear expression of property and land during the period of feudalism in the 10th to 12th centuries. During that period, a habit was known as the Beneficume, which focused on the ownership of Taurus in a ceremony called “Homagium”. The Homagium was a vow of loyalty to the ruler, the Feudal, which dominates his subordinates, the Vassals. For their part, they receive land to process it and in return they swore allegiance to the feudal. This is a Taurus dimension that links between land – property and loyalty – to permanence. Property is the core of the feudal-Taurus story. Erich Neumann (1905-1960), a psychologist from the school of Jung’s , emphasizes in his book – “Amor and Psyche” (1950) The fact that in rituals involving soil fertility, Taurus agriculture and Scorpio sexuality – Castrations were performed to males after reaching sexual climax. The Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) , wrote about the Vokandi members of Australia, digging a pit that looked like a female genitalia, dancing around it at night and sticking spears at it shouting “it’s not a pit but a woman”, as a symbol of phallic. In Sicily, they worshiped fertility and agriculture goddesses in the “Kotikka” orgasm, during which the young men sexually abused themselves. Such dances are designed to express the circularly of Taurus and Scorpio’s polarity. The intention is to turn sexual energy into a Taurus farming energy using the symbolism of insemination, pregnancy and birth. Jung adds that the ancient costume of “matrimonial intercourse” in the field, comes from the need to give it fertility, hence giving the astrological idea more validity – the fertility of a woman (Scorpio) and the fertility of the land (Taurus) is parallel. In ancient Greece, sex and fertility celebrations took place in order that the fields would produce grain and the cattle would multiply. The connection between the Taurus land and between humiliation and ethnic bloodletting of Scorpio is taking place because of wars that were conducted over Scorpio territory, extremism and fanaticism. All these are the basis and cause of the hostility between Israel and the Palestinians, fighting for a conflicted land, with focus on the Israeli settlements. Villagers and farmers in various parts of the world have become victims of despotism in different historical periods of times. The humiliating conditions in the rice fields of India-China, or the Arab workers who are working in the strawberry fields in the Sharon region of Israel – all in the context of connecting mind and body with the astrological idea who binds them together without separation. Ox is connected to the throat and neck in the body, the phrase “stiff- necked” is commonly said about the stubborn Ox. George Bush, America’s 41st president, mocked the Arkansas people and their poor and ignorant country. This was because the Yankees from the north of New England, the graduates of the prestigious universities, see in the Southern people, the residents of the Taurus countries, like the farming countries as Arkansas, inferior to the “Red Nicks”. The polar tension between Taurus and Scorpio is expressed, for example, when we take a loan from the bank. The banker is a representation of the Taurus feudal, he holds the money, but the quick request for a loan or a mortgage becomes a Scorpio’s investigation, a decline for our smallest economic details of our abilities. How much do we earn exactly? what are our economic collateral? What about guarantor for signatures? This is the parallel to the sexual Scorpio stripping, in order to receive what we want. The bank knows everything about us, from the moment we sign the loan, we are associated with it and become the ownership of it because of our debt. The same applies to the tax systems of the state versus the individual. We are required to strip and present everything we have in the bank and in property. Behind the Taurus economic energy lies a sexual wish, behind Scorpio’s sexual wish lies a Taurus economic intention. These two are one. The Einstein equation on equivalence of matter and energy is given an interesting expression in astrological glasses. The Scorpio is the energy, Taurus is the material.

Taurus at the group level - Spain and Israel

Spain allows us to observe and experience the polar tension of Taurus-Scorpio. Poetry, as a characteristic of Taurus (throat in the physical dimension), is famous by the singer Julio Iglesias, captivating the hearts of women in theaters and stadiums. Years before, Chozlito, a musical boy with creative skills, had been pronounced by the adults to remember him. Cantors and Tenors are associated with Taurus. Luciano Pavarotti, The famous tenor, believed that the Taurus – Scorpio dynamics influenced his voice. This means – that sex before a performance, according to Pavarotti, is beneficial to the voice. Pavarotti, in his interview, told the German newspaper “Boneta”, that fans had confessed to him that they had a violent sexual experience when they heard him sing. Perhaps that’s why he sold his voice to the “American Express” credit card company in an ad. The Spanish- Scorpio compensation is expressed in the historical past of this country, in the form of cruel aggression that was introduced there during the Inquisition period. People were forced to confess their so-called “crimes”. They were tortured, burned, drowned and hanged, all in order to admit to something they apparently never did. These were deliberate informing’s for which they found themselves in the Scorpio basement. The Taurus dimension is intensified in Spain in the bullfighting, a prominent and famous event over the years. The author Hemingway shows in his book, “Dangerous Summer”, the matador and the bull become one as soon as the sword pierces the bull. Hemingway intensifies the Taurus-Scorpio dynamics in the descriptions of death. The killing form of the Toro (the bull) is the thrill of the matador, the thrill of the watching crowd. In the deep mythical symbolism of astrology, the elimination of the bull represents the death of the physical body, the liberation from materialism and Consumerism. This is the sacrificial experience of Scorpio death that is missing the Pharaonic embalming. Women take their underwear and walk into the ring, throwing it on the young matador. Thousands of women from all over Spain come to see the new sex symbol. The screams that fill the stadium are increasing as the killing ritual goes on. The Inquisition seems to have been revived and renewed at the stadium. The bull is humiliated by the Scorpio and is tormented until the redeemer stabbing, all for the crowds pleasure. In the film “Blood and Sand” (1922), in which the Matador plays rich and successful in the wake of his talents, Valentino (6.5.1895) was a symbol Of Scorpio-Taurus sexual seduction. . Israel was born on 14.5.1948, as a typical Taurus sign, she clearly assembles the Taurus-Scorpio circle. It expresses the good fortune, long since the first pioneers dried up the swamps, from the days of the moshav and the kibbutz, when agriculture was part of the settlement, and up to today’s settlements. Israel expresses the Taurus in its real estate dimension, in the Jewish National Fund planting Tu B’Shvat trees, in the sabras which serve as a symbol, in slang words like “Tachles” (down to earth) or “in the field” … these are “ground” words of Taurus, Just like in the old famous Israeli song, the pale night descending on the “Jezreel Valley” … The connection to the land is dominant and continues from the famous poems of the past until the Bar Lev line and the land contractors in Sinai at 1973. The Scorpio isn’t late to appear: GSS interrogations, the police, the Mosad , the Sha”bac (Israel Secret Service), terror attacks, death, and sadness. An intelligence failure in 1973 of the Yom Kippur War, and leaders of Scorpio such as Golda Meir (May 3, 1898) and Moshe Dayan (May 20, 1915). The Marmara matter and the Scorpio naval commando sea… the barbecues as the fire is a Scorpio representation … “Oh my land that we came back to you” is a Taurus phrase. Israel was born from the Holocaust, from the great cremation and death of the six million Jews, from the big Scorpio fire. The land of Israel is a reaction to the black hole that was left by the Holocaust, the materialization of the collective soul which responded to the smoke stacks of the Scorpios extermination camps. The clods of earth and the increasing materialism, shopping and consumerism as a grabbing to the physical- material, all of these perhaps appeared because of the fear that had existed in us since the Holocaust.

The mall, measuring booth and the credit card

Since Taurus is the astrological sign of consumerism and a physical materialistic perception of life, it’s probably the main “engine” behind shopping centers. The complete is overflowing, the heart of the Taurus materialism. The mall is ruled by the credit card, awakening us to the Marxist thought, the ones of the Taurus… the capital, status and economic diversity among people. The more shopping bags we have, the more likely we will be satisfied with our compatibility with the materialistic reality of Taurus, what the credit card allows. The credit card releases, even for a moment, the polarity of Scorpio, the Marxist proletariat, it has been approved and now “believe me, I am on the right side …”- This is a match to the Latin word credit = credere, which means to believe. Credit card binds us to another dimension – the future. We are bonded to the future according to the billing date of the credit card. This is an affirmation of the individual to the dimension of time. In the store we feel the clothes and go over the hangers, this is a physical characteristic, almost sexual of Scorpio. It Begins with a glance, leads to a touch, continues to the peak of intimacy in the fitting room, where the desire to wear the garment happens. The clothing releases us from Scorpio’s inferiority, we have a moment of new image… A fitting room is therapeutic because behind the touch- wearing-buying, is a heavy psychological burden. The mall gives us a feeling of release for a few hours, but that’s it. The fitting room is a Scorpio’s metamorphosis which reacts in a polarity way to Taurus and its change of identity and rebirth. We went into the fitting room and came out as new people, the store creates our new identity. At the store’s entrance the saleswoman will ask: “can I help?”, we will answer an apologetic answer: “No, thank you”, a moment before “committing the crime” – just before the touching, moments before the Redeemer’s release from the deterministic identities, we will answer: “I am only looking”. In the fitting room, after dressing, the character in the mirror which is looking at us will be someone else. In the TV show “Sex and the City”, the women are found in the polarity space between the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, which means the space of the consumer capitalism of shopping and sex. Dresses and shoes, dating with guys, guys with money, this is Taurus consumerism and Scorpio-sex, which turns out that they are going well together. The Scorpio jealousy reacts to the consumer capitalism of Taurus in circularity, indeed, this polarity is found in the tension of property and jealousy, one of the pillars of capitalism. Dror Halevy in his book – “From Time to Space and opposite (2011)”, claims that shopping is a form of public activity. Shopping is the urge of capitalism to duplicate itself till the infinity, in exaggeration of products and consumption. We are already in the point of a mega consumer structure.

Famous Taurus people

Mark Zuckerberg (14.05.1984), the founder of Facebook social media, a man worth tens of billions of dollars, and say no more…. William Shakespeare (23.04.1564) – his works as Macbeth, Hamlet, King Lear and Othello, are full with Scorpio’s motifs which are polar to his Taurus sign, in accordance with the principle of complementarity of signs in the zodiac. The dimensions of infidelity, revenge, informing, death, obsession and manipulation are major motifs in his creations. Macbeth is tending to die, Juliet from “Romeo & Juliet” is committing suicide, the Scorpio’s depression of Hamlet’s and his famous question “to be, or not to be…” are the unconscious content of Scorpio which lays is every Taurus and is waiting to be expressed. In this manner, so are the Scorpio’s betrayal and legacy of King Lear and the death of Lady Macbeth. The voice of the actor playing in Othello (1952), Macbeth (1948) and King Lear (1953) is an interesting astrological fact, his deep throaty voice is remembered since he was Orson Wells, a Taurus son born in 6.5.1915. Vladimir Nabokov who wrote “Lolita” (1955), a book dealing with Scorpio sexuality and temptation in their essence. Karl Marx (5.5.1818), is an excellent example of the characterization of Taurus sign, the main motifs in his writings – “Capital” (1867) and the “Communist Manifesto” (1848) are related to ownership and capital. Marx insisted on the farmers crisis, whose land laws were an expression of the interests of the landowners themselves. Marx is a Taurus sign because he didn’t believe in simplicity and God, or even in supreme ideas, he claimed that all humans are a reflection of Taurus materialism and market powers. The Taurus land for him is the basis of all other superstructures. Focusing on private property is the Taurus core of Marx. Sigmund Freud (6.5.1856), The famous Jewish Philosopher and psychoanalyst which was involved in medicine and psychoanalysis of the soul, also a magnificent representative of the Scorpio’s depth after defining the dream as an unconscious expression of the repression of sexuality, anxieties and traumas. Freud’s theory contains a deep hidden Scorpio’s wish, a criminal wish that connects our desire for murder, directed toward our parents, and the recognition of the oedipal sense of guilt. Freud also focused on two primary impulses called Eros and Tantus, which represent the Taurus-Scorpio dimension. The last but not least, Salvador Dali (11.5.1904), the fascinating Taurus man, his works showed the Scorpio buttock of women bathing. Dali was full of sexuality and Scorpio genius. He admired power and money, he argued that being a millionaire is more important than establishing a museum….