Virgo Sign


The Characteristics of Virgo can be identified with Mary, Jesus and Isis. most of all the Virgo is reflected in the qualities of Athena Minerva. Athena is the goddess of the practical wisdom, the daughter of Zeus and Matisse. She is a warrior who wears a long traditional dress and is portrayed as a young woman with a serious and confident gaze. Sometimes she wears an armor. She is a warrior who protects different types of heroes and principles, when they all share an important common idea: They express cleverness, moderation and culture. Athena defends the practical thinking against the delusions of hallucinations and the temptations of madness. As such, she is the declared enemy of characters acting instinctively and primitive, leading to destruction and killing. She is against Ares and Mars and there is hatred between them. Unlike Mars, she gives her heroes coolness, concentration and devotion for their purposes, with consideration of power. Athena reinforces the spirit of the warriors in the Trojan War when their spirit is broken and convinces them to continue fighting. She works without physical involvement and is revealed to the hero only when she turns directly to him. Athena loves Odysseus because of his cleverness and protects him from Poseidon’s harassment – The God of the sea. She wears forms of various mortals to confuse the enemy. she helps cultures in far lands, she helps heroes ,like Hercules, in wars against Barberian nations. She can be identified as the representative of Virgo because she is a symbol of sanity. Athena is a “taboo” that no one can hurt, she is an eternal Virgo. She is a conqueror because her spirit conquers the material, the mind takes possession over instinct, and humanity takes over cruelty. in the eyes of the Greeks, these are the achievements of Athena’s work.

Criticism, selectivity and small details

Virgo is a sign of criticism, details, selectivity and aspiration for excellence. Dimensions of order, logic, method and cleanliness characterize the Virgoes. This is a sign of words and numbers, and he has depth in therapy profession. It is possible to use the location of Virgo in the zodiac, which is located in front of Pisces. In this case, the understanding of their polarity and the principle of complementary opposites are given considerable emphasis to describe the philosophic and psychologists motifs of Virgo. This is because behind the logic and rationalization hides the chaos of Pisces. The tension between mathematics and music, words and silence, rationality and chaotic, the individual and the whole, accuracy and error – these are part of the dialectic between Virgo and Pisces. They have tension influence between them and they complement one another. The logic of Virgo appears from the causality principle – the causal – consequence relation. The DNA of Virgo searches for dependencies and causality that will gain him order, method, excellence, simplification and results. In order to create clear quantitative categories, distinctions must be made, so that Virgo can bring letters, words and numbers. This creates a type of ‘strainer’ that describes reality through the mind and senses. The criticism is the search for details and the deep psychological-spiritual need for order and method. It is possible that the need to classify and organize the outside world derives from the fear of chaos that is deeply rooted in the human soal. Logic hides the infinity which we cannot accept. The clear connections between causality, detail and time becomes a defensive filter that prevents us from looking directly at chaos and the dimension of infinity which is the nature of Pisces. The excellence becomes a certification that the method is correct and the results have been achieved. The details became the infinity and the parts of Virgo are accurately placed. The Virgo’s excellence contains the Pisces eternity, if only because of the reason that he searches for eternity, the whole which is usually never achieved. From the process of constant anticipation towards something that should arrive. For Virgo, the whole is exactly the sum of its parts. This is in contrast to Sagittarius, which believes that the whole is something greater than the parts that contain the sum.

The number- between mathematics and music, the intersection polarity between Virgo and Pisces

The number embraces the idea of polar tension and the mutual conditioning between Virgo and Pisces. It brings together the most fundamental contradictions in human consciousness. It is one and it is many, infinite and un-infinite, movement and rest, an idea but penetrates the material world, eternal and temporary. Number 5 contains the idea of multiplicity and quantity. It is Information but without content. The number 5 determines the number of objects counted in the writer’s consciousness. Here we come to the numbers column – It begins with the infinite number of Pisces – the infinite potential of possibilities that can be embodied. Number 1 is the “sex organ” of the numbers and starts the principle of multiplicity, It has no borders and dimensions. Number 2 is the shape of the line and therefore links to movement and time. Number 3 is the triangle and therefore creates consciousness in the dimension of space in human’s consciousness. Number 4 is the cube which is directed to the material and physical world. The 4th takes us cognitively to geometric bodies that exist because they depend on numbers. Numbers are building the human consciousness of the physical world, also the temporal and material world. The numbers are outside the definition of time, place and material dimension. The definition of numbers by Pythagoras and Plato are pure ideas separated from any material temporal dimension. Through the Virgo count, the numbers are an infinite column but with pure causal logic, 3 will not appear without 2… Numbers are movement and communication, a linear progress of the before and after. They are the basis of the logic of Virgo, the dependency and causation. The infinite definition in astrology is a continuous process of continuous counting … The number is the most important representative of Virgo that brings the maximum path of contrasts and reversals that complement zodiac between Virgo and Pisces. It brings together the Infinite with the Final, the root of the astrological concept of Virgo sign as the detailed. The criticism and accuracy of Virgo comes from this psychological and philosophical translation. The use of numbers represents the transition from the eternal counting to the material and temporary. Criticism is the precise dimension between Pisces and Virgo in the structure of the polarity of the zodiac. Criticism, Count Diagnosis and differentiation are the connection between these opposites. The number is the ‘guardian angel’ of Virgo’s consciousness which leaves us in a precise relationship but hides infinity within it. The infinite vision of Pisces is unperceivable, the observation on infinity is difficult and frightening. This is the reason God created the numbers, to put ‘masks’ on the eternal so we can look at it gradually, through the counting that becomes a movement and calmness at the same time. The fact that the number is an empty form, frees it as a purely intellectual Platonic idea…. The physical world is a geometric and relies on numbers. Pythagoras was correct in his perception that the number is a conscious cognitive component in a person. This perception gives us an understanding about the concept of infinity in the polarity tension between Virgo and Pisces. Since Pisces is related to music, the Pythagoreans believed that the tone scale in playing music could be translated into mathematical formulas … Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to ask Pythagoras whether he was a Virgo or a Pisces. An interesting fact was that the Octave in Western music was divided into 12 sounds. Therefore, the writer was a combination of Virgo and Pisces. On the one hand, an idealistic mystic Pisces and on the other hand a Virgo materialist.

The Philosophic Virgo

An important and interesting philosopher was the Englishman, John Locke (29.8.1632), who clearly represented the dimensions of Virgo. Locke believed in an objective world and careful observation. As an Earth sign, he believed in senses that allow the right observation and provide information about the material world. It is a logical Virgo conception that unites a material object with impressions influenced by senses and intellect in a philosophical package deal. (don’t understand what is the point here…) In his book, ‘Thoughts on Education’ (1693), he argued that at an early age, discipline and organization must be observed. Luke represents Virgo because he aspired for maximum clarity, order and method. Luke also practiced medicine. . It was interesting to see Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen Kook, who was born on September 7th 1865, and was considered the father of religious Zionism. The tension between the mystic trend and rationalism is rooted in Kook’s philosophy and characterizes his contemplation in the polar tension between Virgo and Pisces. In many of his writing he deals with the rationalism of his own sign- Virgo, and the mystics that belongs to the polarity of Pisces. He tried to decipher the chemistry of their relationship… By the force of mystical intuition, Kook argues that this truth is achieved without giving up on the rational thought. Therefore, Kook supports the astrological model hypothesis of complementary opposites and polarity in the zodiac, although in his contemplation he writes about the dialectic structure between his own sign, Virgo, and the polarity tension with Pisces and the bidirectional flow between them. He does not give up on the rational philosophy, but is aware of the vitality of mysticism. In his opinion, there is constant tension between the upper and the lower, according to it- mysticism and achievement are two legitimate ways that complement one another. Following this approach, which holds together the people of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Torah – are one unit that merges together. The qualities of Virgo (concrete, material, national and temporary), merging with the spiritual heavenly- create the Idea of Pisces. Kook contributed to the understanding of the astrological structure and polar tension between Virgo and Pisces. Therefore, In the Virgo Philosophical field we can also see the important thinkers such as: Thomas Hobbes, Descartes, Aristotle, Parmenides and Leibniz. At the other end, will be presented the philosophers with the polar Pisces orientation: Leo Tessa, Tswong Tessa, William Blake, Meister Eckhart, Zen monks and Muslim Sufis.

The Geographical Virgo

Switzerland can be placed as a political characteristic of Virgo. In the 12th Century we will meet the Virgo’s precision of Wilhelm Tal, who shoots his arc straight at the apple on the boy’s head … his son. This is a courageous Virgo punctuality, probably translated into the Swiss clock and the cuckoo clock that originated in Switzerland. To the Virgo dimension of Switzerland we add punctuality, order, cleanliness, preciseness, efficiency, high level of medicine and research in this country, and certainly the Banking system that is astrology included in Virgo sign. The Virgo medicine is reflected in the Red Cross organization who’s offices are located in Geneva. Where is the Pisces polarity though? The answer is in the food… the holes in the Swiss cheese are a great symbol for it… empty spaces are astrological Pisces that represent something missing. The food is obviously a Virgo symbol like the Swiss chocolate and the famous Nestle Corporation. Virgo is the sign of grain and astrology. In the more global geographic context of the rationality of Virgo, in September 11th 2001, the unbelievable happened: airplanes collided and exploded in skyscrapers – into the Twin Towers in New York. In the Virgo rationalism and the unbelievable polarity of Pisces combination, occurred the macro-level… Giant buildings melted away in the ‘Pisces dust’ by means of Muslim suicide bombers (one of them was Muhammad Atta, the muslim Virgo 1.9.1968). From New York we shift to another geographic economic country, India. The mother of Virgo, Mother Teresa (26.8.1910), was asked: “How can you help the thousands sick and hungry lepers?”, the Christian Virgo answered: “”I look only at the suffering that is seen from a pair of eyes that are now facing me, thus giving me all the strength to help everyone. If I looked at the eyes of thousands, I wouldn’t have felt this way”. Mother Teresa is a Virgo who brought the sacrifice, treatment and devotion of Virgo to the totalitarianism in India.

Virgo in Hollywood and Film making

Virgo is a woman’s sign in the zodiac (this explains on the basis of Pisces polarity the female victimism throughout thousands of years of the world’s history). Let’s present some examples of the world’s famous Virgoes for the sake of colorfulness: the actress Sophia Loren (20.9.1934) and Raquel Walsh (5.9.1940) were both sex symbols in the past. In a more recent period of time we find the supermodel Claudia Schiffer (25.8.1970), born as a Virgo from Germany. Back to the past we find the beautiful Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman (29.8.1915) and the Swedish actress Greta Garbo (18.9.1905). The beauty of Garbo was Virgo’s. Mystery and fantasy, and the fact that she charmed her surroundings were Pisces in the polarity that exists in her astrological personality. Not just women are Virgoes. The famous actor Richard Gere (August 31, 1949) demonstrated the Pisces polarity beautifully when he made contact with the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Meditative Buddhist (Pisces in their philosophical essence ). The mega talented on the one hand, and loss of Pisces identity on the other hand, are the mega stars Michael Jackson (29.8.1958) and the Israeli host show Dudu Topaz (20.9.1946) which had deteriorated from media excellence and television record-breaking to the Pisces chaotic entanglement of committing suicide. On the issue of polar Pisces suicide, a Virgo German creator, thinker and writer Johann Wolfgang Goethe (28.8.1749) wrote about the young Goethe’s Faust (1808). In the Pisces monastery visited the famous Virgo Sean Connery (25.8.1930) in the movie “The Rose”. The actor Keanu Reeves (2.9.1964) deals with the polar question of Pisces-Virgo in the issue of human consciousness whether we live in reality or in a dream.