Leo Sign


In many ancient traditions and religions, the god of the sun was worshipped and seen as a deity in charge of the sun or for certain aspects relating to it. An example is Greek Helios, who rides a fiery chariot in the sky and at night descends underground according to the legends. In Egyptian mythology, they are Ra and Aton; in Roman and Greek mythology, Apollo and Helios, in Persian and Hindu; Mitra, and in Judaism; Angel Uriel who is in charge of the light. Japanese emperors were thought to be the descendants of the Aztecan god of the sun, and they were recuperating the dying sun with human sacrifices. In Ezekiel 8:16 “And He brought me into the inner court of the LORD’S house, … and they worshipped the sun towards the east.”. In Beit Alfa the cycle of the zodiac is painted on Mosaic flooring, and in its center Helios, riding a chariot drawn by four horses (Rodan, Pantheon of the Olympic Gods, 1982). To clarify the picture we can observe the mythology of Apollo (Son of Zeus), everything that is bright and clear is related to Apollo. He is the god of light and it is only thanks to his radiating light that the various wonders of the world are exposed to the human eye. He represents masculine beauty but many of his love lives disappoint. Ever since the classical era Apollo was paired with the god of the sun, Helios. Helios is the sun and Apollo is the sunlight, light rays being his most identifying symbol. The sun sees all and Apollo has abilities of prophecy. His weapon is a bow and arrow – arrows representing rays of light that can burn and kill but also heal a wounded lying in nature in the sunlight. In the mythology no land wanted to accept him at his birth as Apollo doesn’t belong to any definitive place rather to the center of perfection. Daily human matters were far beneath him, but to us humans, we need the spiritual light he radiates across the earth, else it would seem dark and gloomy.

Love, Creation and Disconnect

The Leo is the sign of love, leadership and creation. It has aspects of myth, concentration, and paternity, it relates to reputation, branding, luxury, dominance and control. It expresses the cosmological aspect of the sun. The sun defines the space around it and accordingly the planets revolve around it in repeating endless fashion. The Leo stands out across history ever since Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Madonna, Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres, and Obama who are only a few of the many famous Leos throughout the years. From an astrological view of polarity and completing opposites, the Leo is a sort of Spiritual answer to its polar sign, Aquarius. It represents something in the collective-personal soul trying to stop the speed, the disconnection, the plotless quantum leap and aloofness of the Aquarius’ aspects. The Leo becomes the plot, leader, creator, artist, famous brand. The Leo is something definitive that seems clear and concrete to humans. It activates concentration and dominance, control and love, and so stops the relations and relativity that are insufferable to us humans in the era of Aquarius (See post about technology, speed and acceleration in this blog). The dynamics of the polarity and tension of completing opposites was represented using the figure of the Sphinx, next to the Pyramids in Egypt. The Sphinx has the face of a man (Aquarius) and the body of a lion. This is an Egyptian astrological insight from 4,5000 years ago. The times of the Egyptians occurred in the era of the Taurus, which the polar Scorpio’s aspect of death responded to in the mummies and the rebirth of Pharaoh – a demigod – and his return to the sun. The Pyramids are where it all happened. The Pharaoh is a terrestrial representation of an omnipotent king, the one who all worship, in the zodiac cross of Aquarius-Leo-Taurus-Scorpio. In these, the Aquarius is a representation of the astrological cosmic insight of the Egyptians. The Leo holds inside it the polarity of the Aquarius, the aspect of the Sphinx which comes through in the authority of the sign, for example the Aquarius television that represents a sort of control center, the world of theater and entertainment of the Leo becomes its center which is show business. The message of television: ‘the entire world’s a stage’. In the US presidential campaign of 1986 Reagan delivered great punch lines and even told a joke to the crowd, and was picked as the leader of the free world in the era of television. Reagan himself claimed that politics is just like show business – a good performance. Reagan was in his past a movie actor. So was Arnold Schwarzenegger (30.7.1947) who became governor of California. Reagan, Schwarzenegger and now billionaire celebrity Donald Trump are an expression for the need of the public to ascend celebrities to positions of power, our need of a Leo. To be a Leo means to hold love, leadership and identity in one package. To have a strong, definitive and clear identity, one must love the people and receive love back. Love if so is a mechanism of identity, a sort of totalistic direction in relationships. In astrological terms it is a closure of cosmic space, something of the Aquarius. Now there is something clear and solid, a one dimensional aspect – love. In the dynamics of the polarity, the thought comes up that Leo Love is a confirmation of identity. What makes us doubt this is unclear. We must reaffirm it every once in a while. The astrological geometry turns the dynamics of the completing opposites of the Sphinx into a circle, where Leo – Aquarius – Leo and Aquarius turn linear motion into circular motion. As love and identity bloom from the dyad of the opposite signs, a need for disconnection and space rises. This need derives from not wanting a too defining and clear identity. The fact that we as humans wish to own a clear identity, holds within it its contrary: the Aquarius need to depart from a limiting identity – a sort of freedom and escape from ourselves by experiencing solitude. The Sphinx represents a powerful energy field that comes across also at the level of the group and the system. We will also translate it to the dynamics of the mob, which is relevant to our current Aquarius era. The Sphinx is a proof to what the Egyptian Pharaohs realized, and it is that the soul and human psychology have a geometry that allows us to observe it and understand its rule-set: turning linearity that is temporary into circular repetition that is eternal. In other words, the paradox and the tenseness of the polarity hold within themselves an eternity and a psychological ability to be both in the present and to be able to see into the eternal future. It is a sort of mathematical-geometrical necessity in the zodiac cycle. We close the Aquarius distance with Leo love, depart into solitude and return again to love and identity, and so on in a cycle. In cosmic view it is a translation of sun-universe universe-sun. We are in a cosmic paradox realized by the dilemma of the Sphinx for a personality process: To bring near in order to push away, and vice versa. We need to be distant not any less than we need to be close. These two factors would not exist for long by themselves, as they reaffirm each other. “If you love somebody, set them free”, is a line written by Sting. Love is accompanied by the need for disconnect. The latter hides the need for love. Love is identity – Disconnect and space free us from a clear and defined identity. To note, a feeling of lacking identity gives us a need for identity. Only a clear and defined identity brings the need for disconnect. Psychologists will say that a sort of anxiety drives love. French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre refers to the paradox of love in his book “Being and Nothingness” (1943). In his approach, the existential world is built upon love for another. Finding ourselves in love, we completely turn what we love to void, and that is because of our need for total dominance, once it is ours it no longer exists. So, when Othello loves Desdemona and sees her as his property, how can he make her his, when she’s still a free human? Stripping her of her will means nullifying her identity until there’s nothing left of Desdemona besides a body, and then who is there left to love? In Sartre approach we are involved not only in the mathematical-geometrical translation of the zodiac cycles for matters about soul and psychological aspects, but also Einstein’s thoughts allowing the connection of matter and energy, for that is the famous equation E=mc2. So, as Desdemona’s soul empties and only her body remains, without the Sphinx aspect, then we not only end up with the paradox of eternity in the disconnect-reconnect cycle but also add an additional pair of completing opposites which are energy and matter. We end up with a translation and an implementation of Einstein’s physical relativity to the human soul. The famous director Leo Alfred Hitchcock (13.8.1899) also presented this astrological thinking in the movie “Vertigo” (1958) when Scottie, an officer on leave, kisses a woman and by revolving the camera around them the couple becomes the center of the world, Scottie’s neck takes over the screen and the woman disappears – she stops existing during the hug. In this scene by Hitchcock there are no longer two but one. The love of the Leo will always eliminate one of the two, and furthermore, the elimination of the woman also eliminates the man, as the relationship is no longer balanced.

Leader, Charisma and the Masses

The Sphinx aspect of opposites in the signs Leo-Aquarius has been seen already in ancient Rome where emperors were crowned – and murdered – in the name of having a leader that will make us wish we do not have one, that is to let go of something in ourselves. So the people also inherit his identity by worshipping the emperor and crowning him, and as time goes on and the emperor gradually becomes a normal person with disadvantages, the need shows up to be free of his identity by killing him – only to crown a new emperor and regain the dwindling identity. So felt the Israelites when they begged God to give them a king like their neighbors. The charismatic ruler, actor, or athlete, whether on stage or in a stadium, are all expressions of the Leo for closing down the space that the Aquarius provides. Clinton, Begin and Obama, Leos who stopped the onerous Aquarius relativity, and provided an identity for the masses to worship and adore, and took on those identities themselves. But alike the personal identity so is the collective identity that answers the need for a charismatic leader. It dwindles all while Aquarius media grows, and the leader goes back to being blood and flesh, with humane weaknesses. We need if so to strengthen it and reaffirm it. Eliminating a leader in an election and crowning a new one, grants us the affirmation for the lost collective identity due to loss of charisma. After all, the Aquarius media of our time leaves no mystery and no possibility for an inept leader like in the past. The same media that allows a leader to become a celebrity will also be its downfall. Departing from a leader is a departure from our collective identity, the one that closes the Aquarius space with its charisma and by opening up that same space we allow ourselves to choose the next leader to close it. Every once in a while we have to reaffirm who we really are… that choice is part of our identity as it makes us belong to a larger group, more than just one individual. The Leo if so frees the individual from its “unclear small” identity. The group grants the individual a way out of their loneliness. Cosmology, metaphysics and psychology join together to reveal a certain perspective upon ourselves. The charismatic leader swoops the nation, grants them feeling and convinces them of a better future. Behind every famous actor, politician, rock-star, or athlete, there is the idea of closing the threatening Aquarius space. The need for worshipping a charismatic figure leads us to the exclusive ultimate thing. So it is in “Woodstock” (1969) we see the masses worshipping bands and rock-stars. There is no limit to the chants, adoration, hair ripping and madness. Even the Oscar is a symbol of the Hollywood worship! In the geometrical astrological point of view there is actually no difference between choosing the player of the year and choosing a president. We all need the golden Oscar trophy as a representative of the Sphinx dilemma. The Leo basketball star Magic Johnson (14.8.1959) playing for the “L.A. Lakers”, caused a massive hysteria when he played against super-star Aquarius Michael Jordan in the 90’s. Someone will always fill the archetypical frame that the personal and collective soul creates for us. Only the content changes, but the blocks, systems and frameworks are always the same. This might be where the Aquarius polarity that creates the aspect of the Leo can be put in place. We live in an accelerating technological information era. Lacking a clear plot, the senselessness derives people of meaningful human contact, and contributes to the lack of clear identity. The Leo brand becomes a replacement for that identity and becomes a figure we can grip onto. It is something material in the world of the virtual-digital we live in. Lions and lionesses have prominent manes. It’s expressed in the term Bigwig meaning important personality. The term was coined as a result of European aristocrats tending to wear large wigs in late 17th century and early 18th. So too did the rock-stars have a need for impressive hairstyles. The polar Aquarius of course sees this Leo hairstyle a sort of rebellion. Rebellion astrologically connects to the Aquarius, which might be the reason that in the 60’s and 70’s, not only rock-stars flaunted wild long hairstyles, but the youth of many places in the world. So was the fashion of pants that expanded from the knees down. The polar idea of Aquarius-Leo if so received a physical representative as the thighs astrologically relate to the Aquarius. So did Samson own a large mane that after it was cut, his strength dwindled in the biblical story.

Famous Leo Personalities

Stanley Kubrick (26.7.1928) demonstrated us the Sphinx polar tenseness of the Aquarius-Leo. He was a Leo but in his excellent movies showed us the polar Aquarius. The craze of the Aquarius showed in his movie “Dr. Strangelove” (1964) when an insane general in the height of the cold war decides to nuke Russia. Another instance occurred in “A Clockwork Orange” (1971) where we witnessed the shock of Alex’s violent protests, a wild and immoral youngster, torturing people to the sounds of Beethoven’s symphonies. The height of the polarity shows in “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968) where it features the “Discovery” spacecraft and the computer “HAL9000”. These of course represent the futuristic quality of the Aquarius. Neil Armstrong (5.8.1930) who landed on the moon in 1969 said it is just one small step for man but certainly a great Aquarius polar leap for humanity. The Aquarius is the sign of space travel. Napoleon Bonaparte (15.8.1679) might be the most famous Leo in history. He showed leadership, charisma and imperialist might. More Leos include Alexis de Tocqueville (29.7.1805), who in his book “Democracy in America” (1835) highlights the advantages of democracy, freedom, and pluralism, which negate the astrologically related congregation of the Leo. This is a response of the polar Aquarius to his personal sign, Leo. Madonna (16.8.1958), Schwarzenegger (30.7.1947), Roman Polanski (18.8.1933), Mick Jagger (26.7.1943), Shimon Peres, Menachem Begin and Fidel Castro are all Leos. Peres showed the Aquarius polarity by his love for the future, technology and the youth, as well as his aspirations for peace in the region. A famous Leo was Aldous Huxley that wrote the book “Brave New World” in 1932, where technology controls human life in Aquarius fashion. Magic Johnson, a Leo that defined the American basketball scene showed leadership in his team, the L.A. Lakers. Gene Roddenberry (19.8.1921) was the producer and scriptwriter of the famous TV show “Star Trek” where the Aquarius future was already seen in the 60’s of the last century.