Scorpio sign

The Scorpio is the phoenix, the bird that burns and rises from its ashes, renewed and rising up. Alike is the sign, filled with cycles of destruction and rebuilding anew.

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Cancer sign

According to Eratosthenes, Hera placed the Cancer constellation in the sky while Hercules, with all the animals by his side, fought a Hydra.

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Leo Sign

The Leo is the sign of love, leadership and creation. It has aspects of myth, concentration, and paternity, it relates to reputation, branding, luxury, dominance and control.

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Gemini Sign

The keywords for Gemini sign are: duality, movement, change, substitution, communication, language, flexibility, adaptation, telephone, advertising, newspaper, media, marketing, radio, sales, public relations and mediation.

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Virgo Sign

The Characteristics of Virgo can be identified with Mary, Jesus and Isis. most of all the Virgo is reflected in the qualities of Athena Minerva.

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Pisces Sign

In mythology, Poseidon is the ruling God of the sea. The Trident is one of his famous symbols, for the Romans the symbol is the God Neptune.

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How it all started?

Yaron Livne Story

Yaron Livne, a Taurus (born May 9), comes to the field of astrology unexpectedly. Yaron's father always wanted his son to continue his path and establish a career in the field of security, but Yaron despite interesting trips around the world as an air marshal, did not feel that this kind of work was his destiny in life. He felt all the time that something was missing. Frustrated, he decided on one of his visits to Egypt (in the late 1970s) to visit the Great Pyramid of Giza. The same 4500-year-old pyramid from the Pharaonic period. A period that was also marked by the Taurus sign similar to Yaron's. It turns out in hindsight that astrology prevailed in terms that the events happened to Yaron were not circumstantial. The following events were destined to happen.